DASG Card Policies

  1. The DASG Card is the property of De Anza Student Government and entitles the student to access and service privileges as long as the De Anza Student Government Fees are current. Certain access and privileges may be denied if fees are delinquent or otherwise not current.
  2. The initial DASG Card is free. Subsequent or replacement cards are subject to the existing Replacement Card Fee Policies and will be charged a $5.00 fee. To avoid paying the replacement fee, students are encouraged to retain the card for future use when not continuously enrolled or when leaving campus for the summer.
  3. The DASG Card will serve as an official ID card for access at numerous labs and the library as well as events and services on campus. Therefore, the card should be carried at all times while students are on campus and at campus-sponsored events.
  4. The DASG Card shall not be transferred, altered or tampered with in anyway except as authorized by De Anza College officials. Strict penalties may apply for unauthorized actions.
  5. With the exception of the Campus Police, Campus departments may not hold the DASG Card for any reason. Recovered cards should be returned to the Card Office immediately.
  6. If the DASG Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the Card Office should be notified immediately.

DASG Card Replacement Fee

  1. The replacement fee is $5.00.
  2. 2. If a card is expired, the card will be replaced at no charge.
  3. 3. If a person is not registered for three quarters or more, the card will be replaced at no charge.
  4. If the DASG Card is stolen, the replacement fee will be waived if a police report is provided to the Card Office.  In order for it to be considered as stolen it must have been taken in a burglary, robbery, or theft. It cannot be a simple lost property report or that it cannot be found and is assumed stolen.

Policy revised April 29, 2021. DASG Card Policies are subject to change.

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