2023-2024 Senior Mentors

Christopher Li (he/him)
Lead Mentor

Hello! I'm Christopher and I am studying mathematics. I joined M@DA as a mentee when I first started here, and later became a mentor and a senior mentor. I hope to improve students' experiences here by helping with this program. One piece of advice would be to be kind to yourself and others!

Natalie Yuen (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Marketing and Content

Hello this is Natalie :) I am a second year majoring in kinesiology and I am from Hong Kong. I enjoy taking photos and playing guitar :D I join M@DA because I want to help new students to get the resources and help in the new school environment, also I hope we can help students in experiencing a vibrant college life!

Nayeon Kim (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Marketing and Content

Hi I’m Nayeon from Korea. It’s my  second year at De Anza :)I joined M@DA to help new students with the same support I received from the seniors as a freshman. The advice I would like to give would be to be yourself, be confident, enjoy the moment, and not stress too much!

Lotus Lee (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Marketing and Content

Hi! I'm Lotus and I'm a second year Cognitive Science major from Hong Kong. I joined M@DA as I want to connect students with available resources and to enhance the feeling of community on campus. One piece of advice is that taking breaks is not only acceptable but is highly recommended at times!

Brandon Macias (he/him)
Senior Mentor of Mentorship Training

Hi I’m Brandon, and I am majoring in Business Administration. I joined M@DA to share my knowledge of De Anza’s programs and resources to incoming students. Get involved with at least one program or club during your first year. This will help open avenues and build connections that can help you join other programs. Also, don’t feel intimidated to run for leadership positions.

Mariia Rubel (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Mentorship Training

Hi everyone!! My name is Mariia, and I am majoring in computer science. I am a senior mentor of mentorship training. I have decided to join the Mentors at de Anza program because I like the idea behind it. To be precise, I think it is essential to help each other when we meet struggles. In my free time, I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, especially if it's a dessert. As for the advice, try to find good things in the stuff that surrounds you; there is always some, even though it can be hard to find it sometimes!!!!


Sajid Kaiser (he/him)
Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings

Hello, my name is Sajid and I'm a third year majoring in Computer Science and I've lived in the Bay Area for 2 years. I'm happy to let you know that I am Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings! I joined as a peer mentor during the 2022-2023 year as I wanted to make a difference in the lives of incoming freshmen!

Evelyn Rutherford (she/her)

Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings

Hi! My name is Evelyn Rutherford and I’m a second year film production student at De Anza! I’m originally from Alameda, California and I love watching movies, reading, and traveling! I joined M@DA because I wanted to help create more of a community especially with first year students to help feel more connected at school. One piece of advice I’d like more people to know is to talk to more people and put yourself out there! You’ll never know who your next good friend will be!

Theo Fragoso (he/him)

Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings

Hello everyone! My name is Theo, and I'm a second-year student majoring in Political Science. I am a Senior Mentor of Peer Pairing, and the reason why I joined M@DA is that I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of mentorship and want to help students fulfill their academic goals. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and have a passion for film/street photography, as well as traveling. One piece of advice I have for students is to follow your heart's desire; that's where you will truly succeed.

Reeya Randhawa (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Programs

Hi everyone! My name is Reeya and I’m a second-year student studying Business Administration. Beyond my role as a Senior Mentor of Programs, I serve as the Events Coordinator for DASG and share the role of Co-President for Women in Business. In my free time I love going to the beach, taking photos, and exploring new places! I joined M@DA because I wanted to help students successfully navigate the community college/transfer process to help them reach their goals. A piece of advice I would give is to reach out and get involved! Take advantage of available resources and explore the different opportunities on campus! I'm looking forward to a great year with everyone :)

Joel Ng (he/him)
Senior Mentor of Programs

Hello everyone! I'm Joel Ng, a second-year business/economics major at De Anza. I am honored to serve as this year's Senior Mentor of Programs, and elected Chairperson for De Anza's Inter-Club Council (ICC). I joined Mentors@De Anza because the program helped me find my footing at the beginning of my community college journey and I was warmly welcomed into a supportive community of mentors/mentees. One valuable tip I'd like to share is to utilize the wealth of resources and get involved in campus activities to find your potential career and set a strong foundation for future goals!

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