Policy on Accessibility

De Anza College serves a diverse community that values varied experiences and perspectives and strives to fully include everyone. De Anza College strives to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same services and content available to people without disabilities, including services and content made available through the college’s website.

 The Office of Communications provides accessibility guidelines for website content providers collegewide, and has developed procedures (see below) for managing accessibility-related site improvements. The college also ensures that accessibility is a featured topic in training for use of the content management system (CMS). Accessibility experts are members of the college Technology Committee, for which accessibility is a standing agenda item. 

If you have a concern or question regarding accessibility of De Anza College website content, please email the Web Team at webteam@deanza.edu.

Top Ranking for Web Accessibility

The De Anza College website earned the No. 1 ranking for accessibility, outscoring the nation’s leading universities and community colleges, in a comparison by a commercial website evaluator.

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Web Accessibility Improvement Procedures

The following procedures have been put in place by the Office of Communications to support accessibility throughout our site.

Webpages created or edited by the Web Team

  • Prior to webpage publication, the Web Team performs a check, using Tenon or a similar tool, and makes any remaining changes.

Webpages created or edited by users outside the Web Team

  • The Web Team has ensured through the CMS settings that no webpage can be published with accessibility errors, effective with publication of the redesigned website in 2018. In addition, the training for CMS users includes discussion of accessibility requirements.
  • A webpage for Accessibility Tips and Techniques has also been created for users.

Regular scans and maintenance

  • The Web Team performs a monthly, automated accessibility scan on the website, recording results into a spreadsheet, evaluating the concerns, and providing and recording corrective action. Month-to-month results analyses are also performed.
  • Accessibility-related emails, phone calls or other contacts are recorded on a spreadsheet for action by the Web Team.

Additional efforts

  • In working with vendors, ensuring that products meet accessibility standards.

Submitting Accessibility Issues

To submit an accessibility issue you can:

Accessibility Issue Remediation Process

If a complaint or issue is raised:

  • A record would be created in the online database, the issue would be verified, and the Web Administrator would be notified.
  • The Web Administrator would review the complaint and determine the technical support personnel to be attached to the issue.
  • The appropriate personnel would be assigned and notified of the issue.
  • Personnel would review the complaint and correct the issue(s) found.
  • Personnel would test corrected page(s) with accessibility checking tools.
  • Resolution notes would be added to the database and the user who reported the issue would be immediately notified of the correction.
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