De Anza College Logo and Guidelines

The college’s visual image has been established through a consistent series of professional impressions including our official logo, reinforcing our reputation as one of the finest community colleges in the nation. The logo was registered with the United States Copyright Office in 1997.

De Anza College logo stackedUse of the college logo is only allowed with permission from the Office of Communications or a designated representative. Any use must also adhere to the logo guidelines that have been in place since the logo was redesigned in 1989.

The logo is made up of the symbol and the logotype, creating a complete visual image. The logotype contains modified characters designed specifically for De Anza College.

Guidelines for Using the Logo

Following the guidelines listed below will ensure that each visual impression of the college is consistent and professional.

  • The logo must always be reproduced from the original design.
  • The symbol and logotype must never be redrawn, revised, altered or obscured in any way.
  • Other versions or renderings of the arches or the Mountain Lion mascot are not allowed.
  • Logo elements must not be cut apart or used separately. The logos are an integral design and should only be used in their entirety
  • If you need to resize the logo to fit your publication, the proportions must be the same as the original version (e.g., do not stretch it).
  • EPS files can be reduced or enlarged.
  • PNG files can only be reduced. Enlarging a PNG file will result in a poor quality image.
  • Never attempt to re-create the words "De Anza College" with a desktop computer’s limited font capabilities.

Below are the only two acceptable versions of the De Anza College logo for either print or digital purposes.

Image Files

For print publications, click on each button to download an EPS (high resolution) version of the logo:

For digital publications, you can download a zipped folder containing the logos.

Mascot Logo

Mountain Lion head and paws | De Anza CollegeTo view and download De Anza College's new Mountain Lion logo packs, visit the Athletics Logo Resources webpage. Be sure to observe the guidelines for using the mascot logo, as listed above and on the Athletics Logo Resources page.

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