Staying Organized Online

If you are new to online learning, your first online course might be overwhelming. In a fully online course, you will often need to create your own structure in order to stay on top of your reading and assignments.

Online courses will not be less work than a face-to-face class; they actually may take more time since the structure provided by attending class in person now is your responsibility to plan out. The advantage is that you can do the work from a distance, making the extra time-management component worth it.

We want you to be successful and enjoy your online learning experience!

Creating good time management and study habits with your first online course will make it easier for subsequent courses you take.

  1. Plan your week. Look at the readings, activities, assignments and other components of each week and break it down in a planner or in the course Calendar.
  2. Participate fully in discussions. You will gain a deeper understanding of the course material the more you participate.
  3. Communicate with your instructor. If you have questions about course material, contact your instructor to get answers.
  4. Reach out for help before you get frustrated. If you have having difficulty with assignment instructions, contact your instructor. If you are having difficult with Canvas please contact Online Education.
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