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If you are already working in the industry or just want to expand your skills by taking an evening or noncredit class, here's how to enroll quickly.

Important Information

  • These steps are only for students who want to take individual evening or noncredit courses in the AUTO 60 or 300 series and who aren't pursuing a degree or transfer.
  • If you want to take introductory or daytime courses, or if you are thinking about pursuing any type of degree or transfer, you should follow the steps on the Apply and Register webpage instead of the steps below.
  • The directions below will skip some of the steps to qualify for priority enrollment, which means it could be more difficult to get into other classes you may need for a degree or transfer. To qualify for priority enrollment, you must follow the steps on the Apply and Register page.

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Apply For Admission

    • You must be currently admitted to De Anza before you can register for any class.
    • It's easy to apply online. De Anza uses the statewide community college application system known as OpenCCC.
    • To submit an application, you will need to create an account on this system. Just follow the prompts when you click on the OpenCCC application link. For more assistance, please visit the Application Tips webpage. 

OpenCCC Application

Check Your E-Mail for Campuswide ID (CWID) Number

  • After you apply, you should receive your student ID number, known as a Campuswide ID or CWID, by email within two to three business days. You need this CWID to register for your class.
  • If you don't have your number or never received an email, check to make sure that you completed your application (see the previous step) and then use the Admissions Office contact form to request help.

Choose Auto Tech Classes From Schedule

  • Search the Online Schedule for the courses that you need.
  • Make a note of the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN), which you will need to register for (add) classes inside MyPortal.
  • Click on the "Title" link for each class to get complete details, including any prerequisite requirements.

Look Up Your Date to Register/Sign UP

  • Get your Date to Register for the quarter you want to attend. Your date will depend on several factors; if you are just taking an evening class and not pursuing a degree, you will probably be in Registration Group 7. 
  • You can confirm your date by checking MyPortal about two weeks before registration opens: Use your CWID to log in to MyPortal and then select the "Registration" tab.
  • You'll want to register as soon as you can, for the best chances of getting into the class that you want.

Sign Up For Your Classes

  • Use your CWID to log in to MyPortal and then select the "Student Registration" app.
  • Under "Registration Tools" select "Add or Drop Classes"
  • Choose Term (Quarter you want to attend)
  • Enter the 5-digit CRN previously noted or select "Class Search" at the bottom and browse Automotive Technology
  • If a class you want is closed, check to see if there's another section for the course that you need.
  • If no other time will fit into your schedule of classes, add your name to a class Waitlist.
  • You can also try to Add Classes after the quarter begins, by attending the first class session.

Don't Forget to Pay Your Fees

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