Become an Inspector or Technician

There are two different smog licenses in the state of California. We have classes that will prepare you to  qualify for either one or both licenses.  Students must enroll in both classes at the same time (See below)

  • Inspector

    To become a Licensed Smog Inspector 

    • No experience needed
    • Pass Level 1 and Level 2 Training Classes
    • Pass the State Licensing Exam

    After completing the above, Smog Inspectors 

    • Can Inspect and certify vehicles which require a Smog Check Inspection.
    • May work as a licensed inspector at any licensed SMOG station

    (In order to diagnosis or repair a smog check failure, you must have a Smog Check Repair Technician License)

    We Recommend:

    Option 1: Earn a Certificate or AS Degree

    • AUTO 65P: Clean Air Course (Level 1 training)
    • AUTO 65W: Advanced Clean Air Course (Level 2 training)
    • Please enroll in both classes at the same time

    Option 2: Enroll in Level 1 and Level 2 SMOG Classes for FREE

    • AUTO 365P: Clean Air Course (Level 1 training)
    • AUTO 365W: Advanced Clean Air Course (Level 2 training)
    • Please enroll in both classes at the same time

    Call (408) 864-8216 or e-mail for smog program information

    See out list of

  • Repair Technician

    As a licensed repair technician, you 

    • Perform diagnosis and repairs of smog check inspection failures.
    • Perform smog check repairs in a licensed Test-and-Repair or Test-Only station.
    • May not perform a Smog Check Inspection (unless you also posses a Smog Check Inspector License).


    You must have an associate degree (or higher) in automotive technology from a state accredited or recognized college, public school or trade school AND you must have one year of automotive repair experience in engine performance.

    We Recommend:

    Certain work experience, an associate degree in automotive technology, or current ASE certifications A6, A8 and L1 may qualify you for additional licensing options.

    For detailed licensing requirements refer to the Bureau of Automotive Repair licensing website.

    ASE exams are offered at ASE Test Centers. Register in spring, summer or fall at ASE certification requires two years of related work experience. Two years of auto tech training are equivalent to one year of work experience.

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