About Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Several California private and out-of-state colleges and universities provide transfer credit (or course) equivalencies or transfer guides which do not constitute an official agreement between DAC and the transfer institution. Transfer guides and transfer course/credit equivalencies are not articulation agreements and should be used for general advising purposes only in consultation with a DAC counselor or academic adviser. Students are encouraged to review and the transfer credit policy at each college or university prior to applying.

It is important to understand that transfer credit/course equivalency and transfer guide information is subject to change without notice and does not guarantee an award of transfer credit. Final determination for all transferable coursework rests with each college or university admissions office or appropriate academic department faculty. Official evaluation of transferable courses from DAC does not usually occur until after receipt of an admissions application and all required documents are submitted to the transfer institution.

The information included below does not represent all California private, out-of-state, or international colleges and universities that maintain transfer guides and course/credit equivalencies for DAC.  Additional schools may be added in the future as information becomes available.

Students are encouraged to consult with a DAC counselor or academic adviser to develop an education plan for transfer and to meet with a university admissions representative, when available, to confirm course selection.

DISCLAIMER:  The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student.  The information posted on this website is designed to assist students in obtaining the most accurate transfer-related information possible.  However, this information is subject to change without notice, which may subsequently impact admission to a transfer college or university.

Students are encouraged to meet as early as possible in their academic careers and periodically with a DAC counselor or academic adviser to develop a Student Education Plan and with a transfer college or university admissions representative to confirm their choice of classes.

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