About General Education

Bachelor Degrees and Associate Degrees are comprised of two main components: 1.) general education (GE) requirements and 2.) major requirements. General education coursework include courses in subject areas such as English Communication, Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Physical and Biological Sciences.

General Education Options for Transfer

California State University General Education-Breadth (CSU GE)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of CSU GE is not required for transfer admission and does not guarantee admission to a CSU major or CSU campus.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of IGETC is not a UC minimum transfer admission requirement and does not guarantee admission to a UC major or UC campus.

General Education Requirements for Associate Degree

De Anza College General Education/Breadth Requirements for A.A./A.S. Degree

Students who plan to earn an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree from DAC must complete all GE/Breadth for A.A./A.S. degree requirements.

DISCLAIMER: The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student.  The information posted on this website is designed to assist students in obtaining the most accurate transfer-related information possible.  However, this information is subject to change without notice, which may subsequently impact admission to a transfer college or university.

Students are encouraged to meet as early as possible in their academic careers and periodically with a DAC counselor or academic adviser to develop a Student Education Plan and with a transfer college or university admissions representative to confirm their choice of classes.

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