Founded in 1990, the Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA) is an organization for De Anza College employees of Asian/Pacific American (A/PA) heritage and other interested staff members who support the goals of the organization.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Check out the Calendar of Events below for some events being in the Month of May. We look forward to celebrating in-person next year!

AAPI Month Event Calendar

Design by Elizabeth Kaye Ramos, De Anza College, Spatial Art Major.

APASA Executive Board

Erick Aragon, APASA Faculty Co-Chair

Faculty Director, Office of Outreach and Relations w/ Schools
Email: aragonerick@fhda.edu 

Tracy Chung-Tabangcura, APASA Classified Co-Chair

Articulation Specialist
Email: chungtabangcuratracy@fhda.edu

Denica Kelly, APASA Secretary

Counselor, International Student Programs
Email: kellydenica@fhda.edu 

Betty Inoue, APASA Treasurer

Counselor, Transfer Center
Email: inouebetty@fhda.edu 


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