The MOMENTUM series is a talk continuum and the Dean’s platform to engage the division in profound practice of mindfulness and actionable conversation – to bridge the equity gap, protect inclusivity, amplify social justice reform and intentionally address structural racism in our classrooms, college and the community.

MOMENTUM: A LECTURE SERIESThe purpose is to strengthen each other’s optimism, emotional control, empathy, perspective talk, prosocial goals and mindful attention.

It is a space to discuss and mobilize how we can better help our college’s work on policing equity and ending racism once and for all.

Spring 2021 Events

Journey to the Presidency: Leading During a Global Crisis

Friday, June 18: 9-10:30 a.m.

Lloyd A. HolmesGuest: Lloyd A. Holmes, President, De Anza College

Moderators: Wendy White, Instructor, Humanities, and Elvin T. Ramos, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities

This event is open to all faculty, students, staff and community members.

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  • Password: 070435

During this intimate session, President Holmes will speak about this journey to the college presidency. He will share about his experiences as an Aspen Fellow and will reflect on his first year at De Anza College. Dr. Holmes will also share highlights and challenges in this role, especially while leading during a global pandemic. President Holmes is a champion of student success and will also share his knowledge and experience on how we can amplify our work, as faculty members and other members of the college community, to solidify our equity, diversity and inclusion activities for all of our students.

Black Deaf History: How Scholarship Became Personal

Monday, June 21: 10–11:30 a.m.

Sandra Jowers-BarberGuest: Sandra Jowers-Barber, Director of Humanities, University of the District of Columbia Community College

Moderator: Elvin T. Ramos, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities

This event is open to all faculty, students, staff and community members.

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  • Password: 049942

This conversation will explore how Dr. Jowers-Barber began researching Black deaf history and the importance of connecting deaf and hearing scholars of color. She entered graduate school at Howard University for a master's and doctorate in History, three months after her wedding. Her husband brought four wonderful children to the marriage. One was a student at Kendall School, Gallaudet University's elementary school for deaf students. Dr. Jowers looked through one of her African American history books and in ASL (American Sign Language) asked: "Where are the Black deaf people?" That question became the focus of her research and she will share that journey with De Anza community during this session.

Summer 2021

Exploring Cultural Humility

Tuesday, July 13: 10-11:30 a.m.

Maleea JohnsonGuest: Maleea D. Johnson, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Carlow University

Moderators: Lori Clinchard, Instructor, Humanities, and Elvin T. Ramos, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities

This event is open to all faculty, students, staff and community members.

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  • Password: 670110

What is cultural humility and how do we engage with students, colleagues, community members and those with different world views other than ourselves? Understanding the importance of developing a self-awareness of one’s own culture, background and experiences as well as appreciating various cultures can support being able to engage with a cultural humility spirit. We will discuss what cultural humility is by definition and sharing of experiences, participate in an individual activity that prompts each person to reflect on their own culture and how their lens influences their interactions with others, and conclude by reflecting on how a culturally humble approach can support the work each of us are doing.

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