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We offer tutoring and other assistance in writing and reading for students taking any English, English as a Second Language or any class with a writing assignment at De Anza! Scroll down to learn more about our programs and services

Celebrating Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Author Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen book

"Yoshimoto is a prolific Japanese author who rose to international fame with the 1993 translation of her award-winning 1988 novel. Similar in tone to Yoshimoto’s other novels, “Kitchen” is an engrossing, ethereal story exploring grief, routine, family, tradition, gender identity, food, and more seemingly divergent topics. In “Kitchen,” everyone is a philosopher, reflecting on their choices, surroundings, and inner dialogue..."Learn More

Join us on campus and on Zoom in Spring 2024

Access our peer tutoring services on campus and on Zoom for the spring quarter. Online, just click the yellow button to "Join Tutoring Session," then follow the prompts on your screen to sign in and select from a list of available services. In winter, we'll also be on campus, where you can visit us in ATC 309.

Spring 2024 Tutoring Hours

Tutoring is available from Monday, April 15, to Friday, June 21. We are closed Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day and Wednesday, June 19, for Juneteenth.

In ATC 309

  • Monday to Thursday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Friday no on-campus tutoring (use Zoom instead)
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday

On Zoom

  • Monday to Thursday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Friday 9:30-12:30 pm
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday

JOIN WRC ZOOM Tutoring Sessions in Spring 2024

Programs and Services

In Spring 2024, WRC tutoring will take place in drop-in sessions and in scheduled, weekly individual tutoring (WIT) appointments via Zoom and in-person in ATC 309. Check this page regularly to keep up to date about services and our hours of operation.

Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring – without an appointment – is available during all hours of operation, every quarter. You are welcome to drop in for a maximum of 30 minutes per session, 2 sessions per day. 

For Zoom tutoring, use the gold button above to join a drop-in or WIT session. Once you sign in, you will be assigned to a breakout room for a one-on-one session via Zoom.  For on-campus tutoring, sign in on the computer at the front entrance in ATC 309 and wait to be called by your tutor.

Weekly Individual Tutoring (WIT)

In the fall, winter, and spring quarters, Weekly Individual Tutoring appointments are available on a limited basis, depending on tutor availability. If you request WIT and are assigned, use the gold button at the top of this webpage to sign in for your scheduled weekly session on Zoom. For on-campus tutoring, sign in on the computer at the front entrance and look for your assigned WIT tutor.

You and your tutor will meet once a week. During this tutoring time, you can work on areas and topics that you need help with and learn strategies to help you study the subject better on your own.

At the beginning of the quarter, click the button below for the online form to request WIT and join the waiting list to see if appointments might be possible for you ...

Depending on tutor availability and budget constraints, we may not be able to provide a weekly individual tutor for each student who requests one, but we will do our best.

  • It helps to apply early--in the first week of the quarter. 
  • Students requesting Weekly Individual Tutoring will be asked to use Drop In Tutoring while they are on the waiting list.

Weekly individual tutoring is primarily available for students enrolled in these courses:

  • LART 250, EWRT 1A
  • ESL 200, ESL 234 or 434, ESL 244 or 444, ESL 255 or 455, ESL 265 or 465, ESL 272/3/4 or 472/3, ESL 5
  • LS 207

Priority will be given to students enrolled in English/reading/writing courses below EWRT 2 or ESL 6, and to students using EDC/DSS services. 

Customized Support Activities 

This program is designed to support each student taking "bundled" EWRT 1A + LART 250 with flexible, personalized options. Students log in to the CSA Canvas site to access and track activities.


More Resources

Visit the WRC Resources webpage for study guides, Directed Learning Activity packets, and more!

Become a Tutor

You can improve your own skills in communication and your favorite academic subjects by helping other students learn. We provide training – and it's fun! 

APPLY NOW for Fall 2024

The WRC hosts the student-led De Anza Book Club!

Here is a message from the De Anza Book Club president: "The book club provides a platform for all students who enjoy reading and writing. Students who are looking for romance, entertainment, peace, and knowledge in the book world will get together to make friends, exchange ideas, and improve reading skills. Through reading and sharing events, we can take a break from the real life, immerse ourselves in the ocean of literature, and refresh our minds to deal with real life situations. There is more of the world to explore!"

https://instagram.com/bookclubdeanza?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=Check out the IG Page: @bookclubdeanza

Sign up to become a member: https://forms.gle/wB4AYH66AK1rAN478

Stop by for a meetup from 10:30 AM to 12 PM on Wednesdays at the Writing and Reading Center (WRC) in the ATC Building, Room 309.

Questions about the WRC? Contact Us!

Victoria Kahler, Instructional Support Coordinator
408.864.5753, kahlervictoria@deanza.edu 

Diana Alves de Lima, Student Success Center Co-Director
408.864.8485, alvesdelimadiana@deanza.edu

Melissa Aguilar, Student Success Center Co-Director
408.864.5422, aguilarmelissa@deanza.edu

A tutor helps a student through the writing process.

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