Adjunct Group Study Sessions


WEEK 2: PREVIEW WEEK Students may attend a group session to learn more about the program with no obligation to add or pay for the 1/2 unit class in week 2. Shop around and see who you want to work with as your Supplemental Instructor.

Add codes will be given Week 3.

WEEK 3: ATTEND SESSIONS & RECEIVE ADD CODE IN THE GROUP SESSION. Must pass orientation quiz in Canvas by end of week 3.

WEEK 4: STUDENTS CAN STILL SHOW UP TO SEE IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE. If space is available, the SI will provide an Add Code through Tuesday. Students wanting a Friday group session must show up in Week 3 to secure an add code because the add deadline is Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. (no exceptions to this deadline).

*Note: If you have trouble adding or dropping on the last day, go to Admissions and Records office and ask for Barry Johnson, e-mail or call 408-864-8722.


See course syllabus for complete information and dates.

Check this page regularly for updates on room changes or cancellations.  

* To guarantee a seat, arrive on time to the first group session the third week of the quarter and receive an add code. Seating is limited on a first-come/ first-served basic. Each Adjunct Group Session seats up to 10 students and lasts 50 minutes.

Spring 2018 Group Schedule (see

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