Winter 2021 De Anza College

This email was sent to students who qualify for the De Anza college Promise program.

Sept. 16, 2021

Add Units to Qualify for the De Anza College Promise

Dear Student,

Congratulations! Based on your application for financial aid, you could qualify for the De Anza College Promise – if you add one or more classes this quarter.

With the De Anza College Promise, you get

  • Free tuition and fees at De Anza for two years
  • Plus $500 each year for books and materials, including a computer if you need one

But you must take at least 12 units each quarter, excluding summer, to maintain your eligibility. (Students with a disability accommodation may be able to satisfy this requirement by taking a minimum of six units.)

Classes begin next week, but you can use the Open Class Finder in the Student Registration app on MyPortal to find classes that are still available to add. You can add classes with an add code up to Saturday, Oct. 2.

Visit to learn more about maintaining eligibility, how your fees will be paid, and how you can use your Promise award to buy books and materials.

If you have any questions

Best wishes,
De Anza College

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