Facilities generally do not cost anything for Clubs and DASB Senate to use on weekdays. However, De Anza College is generally closed on the weekends and there are no staff present, which means there will be fees for facility use. If a club or the DASB Senate wants to have an event on the weekend there will be additional staff charges. At minimum, there will be a fee to have a custodian present to open and close the room and clean up.

The custodial fee represents a 4-hour minimum to bring in a custodian over the weekend, which is overtime. The rate per hour is $74, equating to $296 for the 4 hours. This is for cleaning of the garbage cans, rooms, and bathrooms.

Some events may have additional charges as well such as a Police Officer for $90 per hour at a minimum of 4-hours for a total of at least $360. This would be in addition to the custodial fee. These additional fees might be incurred even on weekdays for certain events.

Events in the Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) will have additional fees even on weekdays. The VPAC rental fees are based on labor charges only and not on equipment (unless specialized equipment is requested). It covers the labor for a minimum of three technicians and the Facilities Rental Coordinator, which usually averages about $180/hr. Custodial fees will also apply if the event is held on the weekend or a closure date.

For a list of all the possible staff charges, see the Direct Cost Fees section of the Facility Rental Fees page at https://www.deanza.edu/facilities/facilityrentalfees.html.

Clubs and DASB will need to complete a Dining/Custodial/Security Services Pre-Authorization form and necessary attachments along with the Special Event Facility Request form and submit them to the Office of College Life. The forms are available online at https://www.deanza.edu/collegelife/forms-docs.html.

A minimum of three weeks' notice is required to ensure custodians will be available for weekend coverage, but the more time the better. A minimum of two months' notice is required to ensure Campus Police will be available for weekend coverage, but the more time the better.


  • Custodial Charge: $296 minimum
  • Campus Police: $360 minimum
  • VPAC Usage: $720 minimum

For any questions, please contact the Office of College Life at CollegeLife@fhda.edu or 408-864-8756.

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