Guide to Start a New Club

Do you have an interest, identity, or passion that isn't reflected in our current clubs? You can start a new one! Follow the steps outlined below to get your new club started. Clubs looking to reactivate would follow the same steps as a new club.

Steps to Start a Club

Check out the HOW TO START A CLUB guide, or follow the steps below.

Before Starting A Club

Interested in starting a club? Here are some questions you want to consider before getting started.

  • What is the purpose of your club? What community, interest, or need will you create space for?

  • Have you made sure that what you’re thinking is a unique club? Take some time to review the Club List to make sure, and consider reaching out to similar existing clubs if they exist before starting a new one. Please note that the ICC would not approve the creation of a new duplicate club.

  • Leading a club is an amazing opportunity, but it’s also a time commitment and responsibility. Are you able to include club duties in your schedule?

  • Have you talked to others who may be interested in bringing this club? You’ll need to find at least one advisor, fellow officers, and members so start talking to people now!

New Club Procedures

Ready to get the club started? Here are the steps:

Set up a Preliminary Meeting (Optional)
  • If the club has any questions or needs any help creating their constitution, finding an advisor, etc., make an appointment with the ICC Advisor, Chairperson, or Chair of Club Affairs. Appointments can be made by email.
1. Create a Club Constitution and fill out Club Petition
  • Create your Club Constitution. You may use our Club Constitution Template - DO NOT delate any important information from the template.
  • Recruit at least ten (10) De Anza students (NOT including planned officers) and at least one (1) Club Advisor to attend the first informal meeting.
  • Complete the "Petition to Organize a New Club" form. Not that while students are unable to come to campus due to COVID-19, this form can be accepted without member signatures - all other information needed, and advisors do need to sign. (Blank Petition) (Fillable Petition)
2. Send forms to ICC Officer via email
  • Send your Constitution and Petition to the ICC Advisor, ICC Chairperson, and ICC Chair of Club Affairs. The ICC Officers will review the constitution for approval. Send the finalized version ASAP if changes are requested.
  • The club will be given a "New Club On Trial" status for the upcoming ICC Representative Meeting.
3. Schedule a New Club Orientation Meeting and submit ICC Club Financial Roster
  • Schedule a New Club Orientation Meeting: Email the ICC Advisor, ICC Chairperson, or ICC Chair of Club Affairs to schedule a meeting. All officers and at least one (1) advisor must be present. Meeting lasts at least an hour.
  • Turn in the completed Financial Roster form (blue form in office) BEFORE the orientation meeting. Must include club officer and advisor signatures.
4. ICC Meeting (Wednesday 1:30-2:30 PM PT on Zoom)
  • Club will change from "New Club on Trial" to a "New Club" following completion of Step #4.
  • If the "New Club on Trial Status has not ended within three weeks, then the process needs to be repeated.
  • Send an ICC Representative to the first ICC Meeting after completion.
5. Benefits as New Club: $50 Allocation & Club Locker
  • One-time $50 allocation (unless the club is being reactivated within one year and there were previous club funds in the Inactive Club Account
  • Club may request club locker in Club Room (limited, first-come-first-serve)
6. Book space for club meeting / send proof of meetings
  • Clubs may now request on-campus meeting space. You will need to fill out a Meeting Room and Dining Info Table form (signed by Club Advisor) to request a meeting room. Submit to Office of College Life office at least 10 days prior to the first meeting date.
  • Due to COVID-19, clubs may continue to meet online via Zoom. Clubs must send proof (agenda + Zoom meeting screenshot) to ICC Secretary. Clubs can reach out to ICC Advisor for help with acquiring Zoom Pro Account for club.
  • Clubs are expected to hold one (1) meeting per month, or at least two (2) meetings each quarter. Meeting information must be sent to ICC to post to website.
7. Continue attending ICC Meetings (Zoom)
  • Send the club's ICC Representative to biweekly ICC Meetings every other Wednesday 1:30-2:30 PM PST to maintain Active Club Status.
  • Meetings are currently held online via Zoom. Please check our homepage for the latest meeting information.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Starting a Club
Question Answer

How many officers should my club have?

There must be at least four (4) and no more than seven (7) club officers in each club.

Can I create a club without an advisor? Who qualifies as an advisor?

No, clubs/organizations must have a club advisor who will give authorization for financial matters as stated by the California Education Code. Club advisors may be an advisor for up to two (2) clubs. Clubs must have at least one advisor, but are encouraged to have more than one. Club advisors must be a Foothill De Anza District employee as a Part Time Facility Member who teaches at least one class in the district, Full Time Faculty Member, or a Classified Professional who may have access to medical benefits.

Should the representative who attends ICC Representative Meetings on the club's behalf be the president or founder of the club?

Not necessarily. The club can assign any club officer to attend ICC Meetings, as long as they are not a DASG Senator/Intern or Student Trustee. But a member can only represent one club, and the meetings are mandatory in order to maintain Active status.

What if my club missed New Club Orientation?

Your club will be put on Probation. A designated officer must have a makeup meeting with an ICC Officer or ICC Advisor within two (2) weeks or the club will become Inactive.

Past Clubs

Curious about clubs of the past? We're working on a list, so you can consider bring one back to De Anza!

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