Rental Fees

Hourly Rental Rates

Listed below are the hourly rates for booking lecture rooms, outdoor spaces, facilities, and PE areas.  Lecture rooms are set on a tiered rate depending on the capacity of the rooms and PE/outdoor areas are based on a fixed hourly rate.  Please be advised that a maintenance fee is required per each rental date unless otherwise stated, weekend events require a mandatory $296 fee while weekdays may be a lower rate depending on the event.

(Three-hour minimum)                    Hourly Rental Rates

Room Capacity For-Profit Non-Profit
Classroom 50 and under $65.00 $52.00
Classroom 51-100 $70.00 $56.00
Classroom 101- 180 $85.00 $68.00
Lecture halls 181 - 400 $110.00 $88.00
Sunken Gardens $110.00 $88.00
Campus Center Dining Hall $110.00 $88.00
Parking Lots Parking Lot Price Guide: Call (408) 864-5555 to Reserve  
Main Gym $150.00 $120.00
Small Gym $110.00 $88.00
Football Stadium $165.00 $132.00
Baseball Field $115.00 $92.00
Softball Field $115.00 $92.00
Soccer Field $115.00 $92.00
Tennis Courts (each) $30.00 $24.00
Pool $165.00 $132.00
Diving Well $165.00 $132.00
Locker Room $140.00 $112.00

Special Event Equipment/Fees

Listed here are specialty item costs that can be ordered ahead of time for events.

Item Cost
6 ft table $5.00 each
Folding chairs $1.00 each

Direct Cost Fees

If you would like to hire De Anza Staff support for your event, prices are listed below and require a minimum of 4 hours per individual.  Staff are generally not required for small events but Staff such as police officers may be required for large events and are mandatory for any event wishing to serve alcohol.

(All Staff charges will be at four-hour minimum)

Service Hourly Rate
AV Technician $100.00/Hr
Custodian $74.00/Hr
Electrician $90.00/Hr
Grounds Maintenance $74.00/Hr
Life Guard 1:15 Ratio $50.00/Hr
On-Site Supervisor $100.00/Hr
Sergeant $95.00/Hr
Police Officer $90.00/Hr
Community Service Officer $65.00/Hr
Table and chair set up/take down $74.00/Hr
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