Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society 4
CIS 3 Business Information Systems 4.5
CIS 4 Computer Literacy 4.5
CIS 5 Swift Programming 4.5
CIS 9 Introduction to Data Science 4.5
CIS 14A Visual Basic .NET Programming I 4.5
CIS 14B Visual Basic .NET Programming II 4.5
CIS 18A Introduction to Unix/Linux 4.5
CIS 18B Advanced Unix/Linux 4.5
CIS 18C Bash Scripting 4.5
CIS 21JA Introduction to x86 Processor Assembly Language and Computer Architecture 4.5
CIS 21JB Advanced x86 Processor Assembly Programming 4.5
CIS 22A Beginning Programming Methodologies in C++ 4.5
CIS 22B Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ 4.5
CIS 22BH Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ - HONORS 4.5
CIS 22C Data Abstraction and Structures 4.5
CIS 22CH Data Abstraction and Structures - HONORS 4.5
CIS 26A C as a Second Programming Language 4.5
CIS 26B Advanced C Programming 4.5
CIS 26BH Advanced C Programming - HONORS 4.5
CIS 27 Programming in C++ for C/Java Programmers 4.5
CIS 28 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 4.5
CIS 29 Advanced C++ Programming 4.5
CIS 30A Introduction to C# Programming 4.5
CIS 30B Advanced C# Programming 4.5
CIS 31 Operating System Concepts 5
CIS 33A Programming in Perl 4.5
CIS 33B Advanced Perl Programming 4.5
CIS 35A Java Programming 4.5
CIS 35B Advanced Java Programming 4.5
CIS 36A Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java 4.5
CIS 36B Intermediate Problem Solving in Java 4.5
CIS 40 Introduction to Programming in Python 4.5
CIS 41A Python Programming 4.5
CIS 41B Advanced Python Programming 4.5
CIS 50 Introduction to Computers, Data Processing, and Applications 3
CIS 53 Java for Mobile Development 4.5
CIS 55 iOS Development 4.5
CIS 56 Network Security 4.5
CIS 57 Website Administration 4.5
CIS 63 Systems Design 4.5
CIS 64A Database Management Systems 4.5
CIS 64B Introduction to SQL 4.5
CIS 64C Introduction to PL/SQL 4.5
CIS 64D Database Tuning 3
CIS 64E Fundamentals of Large Scale Cloud Computing 4
CIS 64F Introduction to Big Data and Analytics 4
CIS 64G Data Visualization Methodology and Tools 4.5
CIS 64H R Programming 4.5
CIS 66 Introduction to Data Communication and Networking 5
CIS 67A Local Area Networks 4
CIS 67B Introduction to Wide Area Networking 4
CIS 73 Unix/Linux Systems Programming 4.5
CIS 74 Software Quality Assurance 4.5
CIS 75A Internet Concepts and TCP/IP Protocols 5
CIS 75B Internet Programming with TCP/IP 4.5
CIS 75D Enterprise Security Policy Management 3
CIS 75E Enterprise Emergency Response Planning 2
CIS 77 Special Projects in Computer Information Systems 1
CIS 77X Special Projects in Computer Information Systems 2
CIS 77Y Special Projects in Computer Information Systems 3
CIS 79 Managing Technology Projects 4.5
CIS 82W Current Topics in Computer Information Systems 1
CIS 82X Current Topics in Computer Information Systems 2
CIS 82Y Current Topics in Computer Information Systems 3
CIS 82Z Current Topics in Computer Information Systems 4
CIS 83 Open Computer Information Systems Laboratory 0.5
CIS 89A Web Page Development 4.5
CIS 89C Client-Side Programming with JavaScript 4.5
CIS 89D Rich Internet Application Development 4.5
CIS 95A Project Management - A Practicum 5
CIS 95B Project Planning and Control - A Practicum 4
CIS 95C Risk Assessment and Mitigation - A Practicum 4
CIS 95D Managing Outsourcing - A Practicum 3
CIS 95E CAPM and PMP Exam Preparation 4
CIS 95F Managing Cloud Projects 4
CIS 95G Agile Project Management - A Practicum 4
CIS 95H Business and Requirement Analysis 4
CIS 95J Applying Emotional Intelligence for Effective Project Management 3
CIS 95K Program Management - A Practicum 4
CIS 95L Portfolio Management - A Practicum 4
CIS 97 FLASH Animation 3
CIS 98 Digital Image Editing Software (Photoshop) 4.5
CIS 99 Office Software Applications 4.5
CIS 102 Ethical Hacking 4.5
CIS 104 Digital Forensics and Hacking Investigation 4.5
CIS 105 Cloud Security Fundamentals 4.5
CIS 108 Personal Computer Security Basics 4.5
CIS 170F Windows Administration 4.5

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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