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Apply Online

The Apply Now button will take you to OpenCCC, an online application system used by De Anza and other California community colleges.

Complete the De Anza College application and you will receive your CampusWide IDentification (CWID) number and password to access the college’s MyPortal site.


Disability Verification

Complete and submit the online DSPS Application for services:

  1. Login to MyPortal,
  2. Select the Student tab and find the “ClockWork Student Portlet”, and
  3. Select “ClockWork De Anza Disability Progs & Svcs”.

Disability Verification Form

Submit the following to verify your disability(ies):

  • Disability Verification Form (NOTE: You must fill out the Student Information portion before giving the form to your Doctor or appropriate health professional).
  • AUDIOGRAM: Must be less than 2 years.

Return the completed Disability Verification Form to DSPS.

Submit Options:

  • FAX to (408) 864-5492
  • Have it scanned then e-mail as an attachment to
  • Bring it in person to RSS 141
  • Scan it before step 2 then upload it during the online DSPS Application process.

Meet a DSS Counselor

Upon completing the DSPS application and clicking the "Submit" button, a DSS staff member will promptly contact you to set-up an appointment with a DSS Counselor.

Request DHHS Interpretng/Captioning Services

Once you have established accommodations with your counselor, submit an interpreter/captioner request form on-line.


Interpreter Open Times

Need an Interpreter quickly?

If you are a currently enrolled student and need an interpreter for drop-in tutoring, to meet with an instructor, a visit to Financial Aid, the Bookstore or any other on-campus interpreting needs, check our interpreter Open Time availability schedule.


  1. Check here to see when an interpreter is available.
  2. Go directly to the interpreter's office or email that interpreter. We will provide interpreting for you.
The DHHS supervisor may not be able to respond to open hour requests. Contact the interpreter directly.
Summer Quarter
Monday Hannah 7:30 am-1:00 pm Hannah 2:30-3:30 pm  
Tuesday Hannah 7:30-9:00 am    
Wednesday Hannah 7:30 am-1:00 pm Hannah 2:30-3:30 pm  
Thursday Hannah 7:30-9:00am     

DHHS Staff Group Image

Interpreter Office   Email
Stacy Chapman LCW Cubicle 2
Rosemary Jensen LCW 109 OUT: Please Email for anything DHHS related.
Christine Nakahara LCW Cubicle 1
Hannah Pahl LCW 108

Interpreter/Captioner Request Forms


This is for interpreting/captioning services for your classes for the entire quarter.

Note:Right after meeting with your DSS Counselor and selecting your classes, fill the pink form out with all the classes you will need interpreting or captioning services. Failure to fill this form out may result in not receiving DHHS services.


This form is to request an interpreter or captioner for meeting an instructor during office hours, attending an event, meeting classmates to work on a project, drop in tutoring, etc..

  • DHHS

    placeholder default text

    Location: LCW 110

    Regular Hours:           

    Mon-Thu: 8 a.m.-5:30

    Friday: 8 a.m.- 3:30          

    Summer Hours:             
    8 a.m.-5:30

    Friday: Closed     

    Contact Information: 

    PH: (408) 864-8755

    VP (408) 565-8687  

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