Interpreter/Captioner Request & Open Time 

Quarterly Interpreter Request

Once you have established accommodations with your counselor, and have registered for your classes, submit an interpreter/captioner request form on-line.


Interpreter/Captioner One-Time Request

This form is to request an interpreter or captioner for meeting an instructor during office hours, attending an event, meeting classmates to work on a project, drop in tutoring, etc..


Interpreter Open Times 

Need an Interpreter quickly?

If you are a currently enrolled student and need an interpreter for drop-in tutoring, to meet with an instructor, a visit to Financial Aid, the Bookstore or any other on-campus interpreting needs, check our interpreter Open Time availability schedule. 


Please contact Stacy Chapman to request interpreting.

Interpreting/Captioning services are still available for all students. Interpreter Open Times will only be provided via Zoom.  Each interpreter's Zoom ID is listed below. 

DHHS Staff Photos

Stacy Chapman- DHHS Supervisor
Zoom Meeting ID: 408-864-5453
Office 109
Phone Number: 408-864-5453

Clare Bachman-Sign Language Interpreter
Zoom Meeting ID: 408-864-8474
Cubicle 1
Phone Number: 408-864-8474

Christine Nakahara-Sign Language Interpreter
Zoom Meeting ID: 408-864-5415
Cubicle 2
Phone Number: 408-864-5415

Hannah Pahl -Sign Language Interpreter
Zoom Meeting ID: 408-864-5386
LCW 110 Office 108
Phone: 408-864-5386

Joanna Smith-Sign Language Interpreter
Zoom Meeting ID: 408-864-8784
LCW110 Cubicle 3
Phone Number: 408-864-5386


LCW Building Image

Location: LCW 110

Regular Hours

Mon-Thur 8 AM-5:30 PM

Friday: 8 AM-3:30 PM

Summer Hours

Mon-Thur: 8 AM-5:30 PM

Friday: Closed

Contact Information

PH: (408) 864-5435

VP: (408) 565-8687

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