Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

What is Section 504 and the American's with Disabilities Act and why are we legally required to provide accommodations?

Please visit the U.S. Department of Education to read about protecting students with disabilities as mandated bySection 504 and the American's with Disabilities Act

How do you ensure academic integrity during test proctoring?

It is our obligation to maintain academic integrity during test proctoring, all test-taking activities are monitored at all times. Testing areas in DSS are equipped with video surveillance cameras recording student activity.  All other testing areas are staffed with at least one proctor monitoring students at all times.

Can I proctor an exam on my own or must I use the testing center?

You may proctor an exam if you agree to meet all the conditions and accommodations stipulated in the accommodation notification. However, in some cases, DSS reserves the right to determine the location and identify a suitable proctor for an exam.

I have a student in class who told me they have a disability, but since that time, has never requested any accommodations or provided me with a notification from DSS. Am I still responsible for accommodations?

No, you are only responsible for accommodations authorized by DSS. In this case, you may wish to speak with the student in private and refer them to DSS.

They can be reached at 408.864.8453 or by email at

I have an online class, which i give timed quizzes and exams for. What is the next step to meet a students accommodations?

Certain accessibility requirements must be addressed when developing learning materials for electronic distribution to students. Distance education courses, resources and materials must be designed and delivered in such a way that the level of communication and course-taking experience is the same for students with or without disabilities.If the course has timed quizzes/exams, the assigned class duration must be adjusted to meet the students accommodations.

How to extend time through Canvas:

I am not sure I agree with the accommodations. What should I do?

Please contact DSPS immediately and speak with the students Counselor or LD Specialist. They will work with you on this issue. In the meantime, all approved accommodations must be provided.

Can DSS proctor exams for students without accommodations?

At this time, we are unable to assist with any other proctoring needs not associated with a student's accommodations.

What is alternate media and what do I do when a student's accommodations require their testing materials to be converted?

Alternative Media is any instruction related material which is converted or altered from its original state into a different format so it is accessible and usable by people with disabilities. This may include, but is not limited to, Braille, ASCII text, large print, recorded audio, electronic text (e-text) formats, and video captioning. Students who require their materials to be converted have a legal right to equal access of their textbooks and other classroom instructional materials as their peers. These materials may need to be scanned to disc, printed in Braille or converted to audio files. Videos must be captioned to be accessible to deaf students. The Alternative Media Specialist will coordinate the outside ordering or the in-house production of these. If possible, please provide your materials in the quarter prior to the start of your classes so that our staff may begin their work in providing students with access to classroom materials.

Please send all testing files to be converted to the Alternative Media Specialist *Some conversions may take up to 2 weeks

What is Clockwork and how do I use it?

Clockwork is a complete scheduling and data management system designed to meet the specialized needs of DSPS

Instructors can utilize Clockwork to:

  • View all student accommodations for the quarter
  • Confirm accommodation testing requests
  • Provide information regarding testing times, materials, etc.

How to Access Clockwork

  1. Log into
  2. Click Apps
  3. Scroll to locate the "Clockwork" App
  4. Click on "Clockwork De Anza"

ClockWork Faculty Help Guide

Pop quizzes are a part of my teaching. How do I accommodate a student for pop quizzes?

DSS strongly encourages faculty to make arrangements to administer pop quizzes with accommodations within the classroom, whenever possible, so that students do not miss lecture portions of classes. However, DSS is able to facilitate testing accommodations for students who will have pop quizzes during the quarter.  *This is contingent upon faculty making proper quiz arrangements with DSS in advance. Instructors should establish contact with the DSS Test Proctor at, in order to set up arrangements regarding the handling and administration of each pop quiz.

Two methods of making pop quiz arrangements:

  1. If the instructor knows in advance the specific dates that each ‘pop’ quiz will take place in class during the quarter, the instructor can inform the DSS Test Proctor of all of the quiz dates in advance (preferably at the beginning of the quarter) in an email, with the option of attaching all pop quizzes onto the email or emailing each quiz separately, 24 hours in advance before the quiz is to be administered at DSS.
  2. If the instructor is unsure yet of the specific dates the pop quizzes will take place in class, they must then notify the DSS Test Proctor and email the quiz at least 24 hours in advance before the pop quiz takes place the following day, in order to allow ample time to schedule the student.

When emailing pop quizzes, faculty must communicate to DSS the time their student(s) will arrive to take the quiz at DSS, how long students in the class will have for each quiz, whether students are allowed any authorized materials (i.e. Calculator, Open Book, Notes, Dictionary, etc.), and how they would like the completed quiz returned back to them.If the DSS student receives his or her testing materials in a different, accessible format, the instructor is then required to submit the pop quiz well in advance in order to convert it into the appropriate format for the student.

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