We provide Individualized Services and Supports that meet our students' needs and preferences:

Community-Based Vocational Training

We provide job analysis, accommodations,  and community-based assessment:

  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Skills
  • Discovery Career Exploration

Instructional Procedures:

  • Specific Training Objectives
  • Individualized Task Analysis
  • Data Collection (Baseline, Growth)
  • Instructional Strategies (Least-Prompt Strategy, Time-Delay Strategy)
  • Reinforcement Procedures (Positive Behavior Support Plan, Applied Behavioral Analysis)
  • Program Modifications

Assistive Technology and Accommodations


  • Individualized Graphic Organizers
  • Adjustable Desks and Chairs
  • Ergonomic Vertical Mouse and Large Printed Keyboards
  • Bluetooth iPad Physical Keyboard
  • Audiobooks


  • Text-to-Speech
  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Proofreading Software
  • Screen Ruler with Colored Overlay
  • OpenDyslexic Font


  • Schedule (extended time, chunks of instruction)
  • Setting (small group and 1-on-1 instruction)
  • Sensory (volume, space for movement)


Self-advocating involves teaching students their rights and responsibilities, to be assertive, to communicate effectively, and to be effective leaders or team members.

Instruction will utilize  the ASSERT Model to support and increase students' self-advocacy skills in the community.


  • Awareness of disability
  • State disability
  • State strengths and limitations
  • Evaluate problems and solutions
  • Role play solutions
  • Try it

Accommodation Checklist:


Would specialized instructional materials provide this student a needed educational opportunity?


When and where would this student need to use this accessible material/tool?


What type of task does the student need to complete and what type of specialized format provides the student with the opportunity to complete it?


Specifically, what type of tool will the student benefit most from using and what is appropriate for their developmental abilities?

Computer Access Support:

computer access

Reading/Audio Support:


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