Winter 2021 De Anza College

This email was sent to students who are on Progress Probation Level 3.

 Sept. 2, 2021

Important – You’re on Progress Probation Level 3

Dear Student,

We noticed your completion rate for all courses taken at De Anza is below 51%, as of spring quarter, because half or more of your course grades have been W (Withdrawal), I (Incomplete) or NP (No Pass). As a result, you are beginning the progress probation level 3 process.

You are not alone: Many students participate in the level 3 process each year, due to personal, financial, health or family issues that may affect their studies.

Here’s what this means: The required steps listed below are designed to help you get back on track with your academic goals, improve your completion rate and avoid additional consequences.

We are here for you: The Retention Team can suggest strategies and connect you with on-campus support and services to assist you in raising your cumulative completion rate to at least 51%, so you can successfully continue your studies at De Anza. (Read about one student below.)

We have confidence in you! We believe you can raise your completion rate, but it is important that you contact us to discuss your situation and develop a plan. For this reason, you have lost your priority registration status and a registration hold will be placed on your student account, which will prevent you from registering for winter classes, until you take the steps listed here.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact the Retention Team by using the eAdvising system. (See the easy steps listed on the Retention Team website.)

We care about you and want to ensure that you have a successful experience at De Anza College. Here’s what one of our students told us last year:

“(My retention counselor) listened to my situation and gave me supportive, constructive suggestions (for) my challenges. (She) acted as if they were common experiences and struggles that many students have. It was very helpful to me, and I believe that I am on the right path going forward.”

Best wishes,
De Anza College

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