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Sept. 8, 2021

Remember to Vote! ☑️

California is holding an unusual special election this month to decide whether to recall the governor and replace him with someone else. It’s important for all eligible voters – including college students – to have their say.

It’s easy to vote: It only takes a few minutes to fill out the short ballot, but you must mail it in or drop it off by next Tuesday, Sept. 14.

picture of ballot drop offYou can fill out your ballot at home – but remember to seal, sign and date the return envelope. (Make sure your signature matches the one you provided when registering.) You can then return the ballot – no later than Tuesday, Sept. 14 – in any of these ways:

  • Mail in your ballot. Postage is free!
  • Drop off your ballot at an official ballot Drop Box. There's a Drop Box on the De Anza campus that is accessible from Parking Lot A – on the sidewalk outside the Registration and Student Services Building entrance that faces Stevens Creek Boulevard. Or you can check online to find a Drop Box near you.
  • Bring your ballot in person to any county Vote Center. Check the county elections website to find one near you.

Voting procedures may vary in different counties; check with your county election office for more information.

You can learn more by visiting the California Secretary of State’s election website and the De Anza Votes webpage at

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