Tips on Registering for Math Classes

Some Math courses are paired with a corequisite, or companion course, that is meant to be taken at the same time. Depending on your placement, you may be taking

  • MATH 10 with the corequisite MATH 210X, or
  • MATH 31 with the corequisite MATH 231, or
  • MATH 32 with the corequisite MATH 232

Here are some things to remember when you register for Math classes with a corequisite.

  • If you are taking a Math corequisite, you should register for both courses at the same time.
  • Be sure to pick classes with matching section numbers. This will give you more time with the same instructor, and the instruction you receive in one class will be coordinated with the material covered in the other class.
    • For example, if you are taking MATH 10 with the corequisite MATH 210X, you should look for MATH 10 Section 01Q and MATH 210X Section 01Q
    • Don't try to take a corequisite with a different section number, such as MATH 10 Section 01Q with MATH 210X Section 02Q or MATH 210X Section 03Q, etc.

Math Performance Success

If you want to take a class as part of the Math Performance Success program, look for a section number that ends with MP.  If you encounter an error code when trying to add a MPS section, please contact the MPS program by sending an email to

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