General Meeting Information

Date: January 29, 2019
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: De Anza Corporation Yard

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2 -2:10 p.m.

    Review notes from 

    A Grey
    2:10 - 2:20 p.m. 

    Update from District Facilities

    • L Quad HVAC update
    • EV charging stations
    I Kictchen /Kozelka
    2:20 - 2:30 p.m. Review request memorial bench A Grey
    2:30 - 2:40 p.m.

    Hand Dryer Presentation

    I Takuto
    2:40 - 2:50 p.m.

    Project updates/Quick News



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Present: Acosta, Cini, Cooke, DaSilva, Gannon, Grey, Kitchen, Lockwood, Roodbeen, Sullivan, Takuto, Annie (student)

    Meeting Items

    Review Notes

    Review and approve notes from January 16, 2018, May 15, 2018 and October 16, 2018 meetings.

    The notes from January, May and October 2018 were approved.

    Update from District Facilities
    L Quad HVAC update

    There have been a grand total of 3 work order requests over the last 7 months. These work orders have been comfort issues indicating temperatures are too warm. Facilities will continue to monitor these buildings. It is important to submit a facilities work order so adjustments can be made.

    EV charging stations

    New EV charging stations will be installed District wide. There will be 72 charging stations at De Anza. Funding review has identified a couple of points, which were referred to the air management quality department. Purchasing is reviewing the agreement with PowerFlex, which would cover 25% of the equipment and installation. A grant from the state will pay for 75% of these costs. Design work for the De Anza Campus has been completed. The charging stations will be installed in the Stelling parking garage, Flint parking garage and parking lot B. The contract will include equipment, installation and maintenance, provided by PowerFlex. There is no maintenance agreement for the current GE stations. De Anza Currently has 14 GE stations of which only 1 works.

    The District will set the cost to use the charging stations. Gift of public funds prevents the District from providing electricity at no cost. The timeline for the contract approval is estimated to be approximately February 2019. The installation can take up to a year to complete, but the goal is to have the project completed by Fall 2019.  Staff may not plug in to regular sockets to charge their electric vehicles as this could be considered to be stealing public funds. Charging stations will be done via credit card/App. Penalties are still being determined for individuals parking in a charging station without an electric vehicle. Once the project is underway, Campus Police would like to be involved in signage. 

    Review request for memorial bench

    The committee approved the request for a memorial bench. College Operations will work with the requestor to place the bench in a mutually acceptable location in the A quad. The requestor will pay for all costs.

    Hand Dryer Presentation

    Takuto introduced himself as the chair of the DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee. The committee researched paper towels, general hand dryers and “Dyson Air blade” hand drying options. The research presented by Ueda indicated the most efficient and cost effective hand dryer is the Dyson Air Blade. Air dryers would reduce the need for trashcans and liners.

    College Operations will investigate the cost and feasibility of installing additional hand dryer in the restroom in the Campus Center.

    Project updates/Quick news
    • The Planetarium roof is under construction. Funded by Measure C.
    • Parking Lot D has new lighting and pavement.
    • New lighting project Phase 4 has been awarded. This project will replace almost all Campus Drive roadway lights with LED lighting. Funded by Prop 39.
    • ATC cooling tower project that cools the ATC, RSS, Campus Center and MCC buildings. Funded by Prop 39.
    • CDC playground project will provide new playground equipment. Funded mainly by the CDC with a smaller amount from Fund 400.
    • District has a standardizing lock system project. ATC & MLC are both complete.

    Notes: Gibson

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