General Meeting Information

Date: March 16, 2020
Time: 2:30-4:30
Location: ADM 109 & ConferZoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from March 9, 2020 Meeting A Chow, All
    2:35 - 2:45 Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) I All

    Guided Pathways Update


    Palmore, Hearn


    Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity Policy Violation and Procedure

    I/D Yi Baker, Lebleu Burns

    Needs and Confirmations

     I/D/A  Pape

    Removal of ICS requirement on CSU GE Breadth (2nd discussion)

    I/D/A Chow
    3:55 -4:05

    New number system (400) for Noncredit Basic Skills Courses (2nd discussion)

    I/D/A Chow

    Q&A Discussion of COVID-19 contingencies & updates

    I/D Chow

    Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
    • College Planning Committee (CPC)
    • Curriculum Committee

    Representatives from committees


    Good of the Order



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

    NOTE:Dear Senators and Regular Guests:

    This Monday's Academic Senate Meeting will be available for you to participate in both in person and via Confer Zoom.  We Academic Senate Officers and Presenters (Hyon Chu Yi Baker & Michele Lebleu Burns, and Kim Palmore and Lydia Hearn) will be in ADM 109.  If you wish to attend and participate in person, please come to ADM 109 at our usual time, 2:30 PM.
    If you wish to join via ConferZoom, below are instructions.  Voting for Action items (Needs and Confirmations and the Removal of ICS requirement from CSU GE Breadth) will be done via the Chat feature of ConferZoom, and I will explain how that will work at the start of our meeting.
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  • Minutes

    Minutes for March 16, 2020

    I. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from March 9, 2020 Meeting

    • Karen appointed Dawn and Susan to be co-hosts; Dawn will monitor the chat room; use chat feature to vote and count votes; to comment, raise hand or use chat;
    • The two presentations: “The Guided Pathways Update” and “Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity Policy Violation and Procedure” will be postponed to a later meeting.
    • Agenda approved.
    • Minutes approved.

    II. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    • Erik shared his observation on how Foothill is handling the COVID-19 situation; the amount of interactions from senior administrators down is very impressive; it is sad we don’t have the same level of communication at De Anza.
    • Gen: there is more useful communication at Foothill; during the last two week students have been reaching out with concerns. Foothill has been more responsive; would like to see better communication at De Anza going forward; in a crisis situation; communication is very important. DASB will be meeting at 4 and to draft a letter; wanted to know how the messages have been communicated to faculty; before the email yesterday, there were at least 10 faculty having classes on campus.  There is still at least one faculty trying to hold class on campus.
    • Thomas asked for the name of the instructor to communicate the rapid changing situation and decisions.
Very poor communication and/or guidance at De Anza with respect to expectations. Administration tell students that instructors will explain everything.

    • Karen: hold additional COVID-19 comments and discussion to later agenda item “Q&A Discussion of COVID-19 contingencies & updates”
    • Shagun would like discussion on clarification between online vs remote learning.

    III.  Guided Pathways Update

    •  Postponed

    IV. Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity Policy Violation and Procedure

    • postponed

    V. Needs and Confirmations

     Hiring Committee for Counselor, Services for Career Technical Education (CTE)

    • Randy Bryant (Dean of CTE, Chair), Robert Alexander (Counselor, Faculty),  Pauline Wethington (Counselor, Faculty), Marco Marquez (Faculty, CTE area of Graphic Arts),  Jenny Vela (Instructional Associate Distance Learning, EO Rep)

    Nominating Committee

    • Nominating committee is: Daniel Solomon, Mary Sullivan, and Pete Vernazza. Approval is sought for the addition of Pete Vernazza.
    •  Erik moved to approve as presented, Bob seconded, no opposition, no abstain.

    VI. Removal of ICS requirement on CSU GE Breadth (2nd discussion)

    • The statement in the CSU GE Breadth form on ICS requirement is not accurate; the statement takes us into violation and out of compliance; therefore, it was brought before the Senate.
    • Susan moved to removed the ICS statements from the CSU form, Shagun seconded
    • Marc had discussion with IIS dean; planning to use guided pathways to continue to encourage students to take ICS classes as an elective, looking for support and guidance from the counselling; especially students seeking ADT degrees; we will be fine, please continue to support each other.
    • There was a suggestion for having verbiage or handout to be distributed to other departments and students.
    • Call for vote, 14 yes, the motion was passed to formally remove the statement.

    VII. New number system (400) for Noncredit Basic Skills Courses (2nd discussion)

    • New 400 numbering system for noncredit basic skills courses being created; this mostly for ESL, English and Math classes
    • Cynthia moved, Erik seconded
    • 400 does not applied to CTE courses
    • Thomas: this is more an issue of curriculum numbering and less a concern related to noncredit courses.
    • Vote, 15 yes, motion approved.

    VIII. Q&A Discussion of COVID-19 contingencies & updates

    • Bob: Why aren’t senior admin here now? What better opportunity for admins to interact with a group of faculty representatives?
    • Shagun has received numerous emails from other colleges in solidarity; students are trying to add online classes; would like clear guidelines on going forward; remote and online are very different; if it is left to us; there could be a wide range of interpretation.
    • Karen: 12 DASB senators were at the Friday chancellor advisory meeting; there is concern about class cancellations; if enrollment is deeply impacted, classes may be cancelled; student anxiety; international students would not be able to maintain status with online or remote means, they need in class participation.
    • Cynthia: send a letter to administration reinforcing the desire and need for more dialogic communication; and to support the student concerns. Have a zoom town hall meeting.
    • Thomas: some students may be critically dependent upon the final exam; must clarify any changes in points system with students; final exam activity is required. There is flexibility in how a faculty may handle that.  However, it should be fair and take into consideration the curriculum requirement.
    • Bob: Is the amount of time consumed the issue? Are these not extraordinary circumstances? The option would remain for anyone who wants it.
    • Erik: De Anza requires a final or a final project; it depends on the syllabus; the contract requires some kind of final activity.
    • Thomas: final exam is required; this could put student transfer in jeopardy
    • Bob: What would happen if I give students the option to accept their grade to date and forgo their final exam? Then only those who need to improve their grade would feel obligated. This is very stressful for all involved
    • Karen shared facebook group page “Teaching in a time of Coronavirus”
    • Karen: It may have been a challenge for everyone to stay on top of the situation and communication.
    • Thomas: every dean should have contacted all the faculty; not all the faculty may have been made aware.
    • Erik: the notification from the President went out at 7:30 last night. Erik heard from his dean at 9:30. Notice was fairly late for school closure on Monday.
    • 9 bay area counties has approved shelter in place; everyone is to stay home; only go out for essentials
    • Erik found Foothill meeting to be helpful
    • Christina and Lorrie were aware of the meeting; they are aware that people desire more frequent and more up to date communication.
    • On the Issue raised by Gen about students with faculty still insisting on face to face meetings; need to inform Lorrie to communicate to dean, then to faculty.
    • Mary P: Genevieve may share students' concerns with Academic Senate. Could Academic Senate call a dialog session and invite administration? We will need to get together and chat a few days down the road.
    • Marc has been sending emails to current and spring students; concerns from international and middle college students; they are limited by the number of online classes they could take; most want to know if everything is going to be online in the spring.
    • Chancellor’s emergency approval; international student concerns; if a fully online class has one mandatory meeting; that could allow those students to take it and maintain their status.
    • Mary P: we will be losing students for the spring, if we do not dialogue with the administration and get instruction about future plans; students have time on their hands now, we need to act. Can we tell students if a Spring class will be offered entirely online.
    • Shagun: It would be nice to be able to pick one modality and prepare for it as opposed to leaving things in the air for spring quarter.
    • Erik: it is nice to know we are supported, but we need structure; it is stressful, because so much is unknown; not knowing is not good
    • Shagun: Online and remote are not the same.
    • Thomas: they are not the same; they are alternative means of instruction; all spring classes have been approved as hybrid; we don’t know when classes will return to normal in the spring.
    • The deans will be meeting this Thursday, put together a list of questions for the instructional deans, particularly regarding spring quarter; will also bring questions directly to Lorrie.
    • Shagun: acknowledgement that online and remote is not the same. 2 the rules are not the same and 3. we need to preserve the integrity [transferability/validity] of our curriculum.
    • Bob: Instructors with lab classes need guidance! Online labs often do not transfer.
    • Erik: ACS (Am. Chem Soc) has stated that they will recognize online modalities given the circumstances and maintain all accreditation.
    • Shagun: Take a look at the North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO). Here is their project summary (Sept 2018); remote labs around the world; and these resources posted in the SkillsCommons Repository. Some Oregon instructors have shared labs designed for students without access to any special equipment:
    • The FACULTY PEER SUPPORT efforts are wonderful. Some faculty are completely sharing their entire Canvas course for others to just take and copy and use
; also mentoring others one to one;
    • Karen thanked Thomas for pushing for an extension of the cancellation deadline. She also asked Thomas to push for relaxing the minimum number needed to enable a class to make
    • Thomas: at the deans’ meeting on Thursday; plans to push for extension of cancellation deadline; get clarity to students and faculty about what spring would look like. He appreciated everyone for the amazing work and effort in mentoring and support.
    • Shagun: over the weekend; there has been much peer-to-peer support for adjuncts who are not familiar with online or remote teaching. Also expressed concern over impact on enrollment; especially the financial impact on students who can no longer work.
    • Marc: the language instructors have the biggest problem; some are just moving online, many have never done it before; zoom could be challenging; great time for creativity; be relax and flexible; student record a 4 minutes video, making dumpling or pasta; Heidi and Dave have offered them help; there was much mutual support.
    • Karen asked about Edmundo’s division zoom training meeting.
    • Mary P: it is possible for instructors to have students work as TAs
    • Gen would like to see student workers continue to work and be paid as much as possible; keep students working remotely, like online tutoring; food services and college life jobs are not happening
    • Cynthia: Alicia gave permission to pay students and interns for the next 2 weeks.
    • Thomas: hope students could continue to work with alternate assignments; will bring questions to Doreen.
    • Marc asked for information about paying student workers while the college is on hiatus?
    • Deans should have meetings with departments; faculty should be invited to dialogue with the students; it's frustrating (though nobody's fault) that the only answer faculty have to give is "I honestly don't know."
    • Bob: 
Historically DA has refused to accept hybrid classes for some Bio. because of lab acceptability re:transfer agreements
    • Sounds like a good use of some of that one-time money that we hang on to. Maybe we can pay a stipend to Canvas "experts" from each division so that the online dept can have support and some SMEs who can come up with creative solutions. FH is offering two full release to FT faculty willing to take on online support positions for other faculty.
    • Many acknowledged Heidi, Dave, Dawn, and Brandon for their help, time, and support. Dave and Heidi have been working to fast track people through Canvas training; faculty have been able to get shell populated. They have been doing an incredible job helping faculty with Canvas/Zoom. They have a survey that they use to follow up via email/phone call.
    • Faculty should contact Heidi King and David Garrido for training and to expedite Canvas certification.
    • Karen asked how responsive the deans have been. Most responded that their deans have been responsive and helpful.
    • Marc asked about food pantry plans; for students to get food.
    • Erik: Foothill’s food pantry is remaining open and will do food drive-through pick up
    • Gen: De Anza food pantry is closing at 4 pm today for the rest of the quarter.
    • Cynthia: snack pantry; food pantry is closing down.
    • Karen: why is Foothill able to maintain services?
    • Gen: Foothill gets food delivered from Whole Food
    • Erik Motion, to hold a Q&A/dialogue session for any faculty to participate in; not a formal meeting; for faculty to zoom to dialog and raise concern.
    • Erik moved, Shagun seconded, 17 motion

    IX. Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
      • Program reviews; tracking of facility requests.
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
      • No report.
    • College Planning Committee (CPC)
      • Set policy for fund requests and allocations.
    • Curriculum Committee
      • Moving fully online; it is a stressful time; how to collect signatures;

    X.  Good of the Order

    • Erik: positive shout out to Heidi, Dave, Dawn, etc
    • Terence moved, Bob seconded, to adjourn, all approved.




     Karen Chow-


    Mary Pape

    Vice President 

    So Kam Lee

    Notetaker/Secretary (F19)

    Ishmael Tarikh-PT  

     Representss part-time faculty


    Mary Donahue - PT 

     Represents part-time faculty



     Applied Technologies

    Pete Vernazza 

     Applied Technologies

    Bob Kalpin

     Biological, Health & Environmental Sciences


    Anna Miller

     Biological, Health & Enviromental Sciences


     Business, Computer Science

     Mary Pape

     Business, Computer Science


     Creative Arts


     Ilan Glasman

    Creative Arts 


     Nellie Vargas

     Child Development


    Betty Inoue


    Barb Dahlke


    Anita Vazifdar

     Disability Support Program & Services


    Kevin Glapion

     Disability Support Program & Services


    So Kam Lee

     Intercultural/International Studies

    Marc Coronado

     Intercultural/International Studies

    Terrence Mullens

     Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering


    Lisa Mesh

     Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Shagun Kaur

     Language Arts


    Julie Wilson

     Language Arts


    Susan Thomas

     Social Studies & Humanities

    Daniel Solomon

     Social Studies & Humanities

    Louise Madrigal 

     Physical Education & Athletics

    Rusty Johnson

     Physical Education & Athletics


    Tom Dolen

     Learning Resources


    Ceclia Hui

    Learning Resources


    Mary Sullivan

     Student Development


    Cynthia Kaufman

     Equity & Engagement

    Erik Woodbury

    Curriculum Committee

    Guests Present (✔)




     Thomas Ray

    Administrative Representative

    Paige Wallace

    DASB Representative


    Bob Stockwell

    Faculty Association


    Christina Espinosa-Pib

    Interim De Anza President

    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services

    Lorrie Ranck

    Actin VP of Instruction

    Pam Grey

    Interim VP of Administrative Services

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs

    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations

    Stephanie Serna

    Classified Senate President

     Genevieve Kola

     De Anza Student Trustee

     Mallory Newell-

     Institutional Research

    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems

    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer

    Mary Bennett

    Tenure Review Coordinator

    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Artstez

    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement

    Randy Bryant

    Dean Isaac Escotoreer & Technical Education (CTE)

    Isaac Escoto

    Foothill Academic Senate President

    Mary Pape

    FHDA District Academic Senate President


    Pam Grey

    Associate VP of College Operations

    Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator

    Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences

     Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS

    Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid

    Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services

    Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies

    Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor

    Dawn Lee Tu

    Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development



    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities


    Director, Book Store

    David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning


    Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

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