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Student Success Center (SSC)

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Fall 2013 Academic Skills Center Adjunct Final Evaluation

2012-13 SSC Annual Program Review Update

2011-12 SSC Annual Program Review Update

Students Accessing ATC_MSTRC (2010-11 comparison of success rates between tutored and non-tutored students by course and number of visits.)

Student Success Center Reorganization Joint Proposal (January 2010) (Word doc)(

(For additional archives related to Title III planning and SSC Reorganization see

Additional SSC data and surveys available --see 2011-12.html (#6 SSC Language Arts developmental level course success rates pre and post-restructuring; #15 Students Accessing ATC_MSTRC 5 or More Times, 2010-11) (student surveys  W11#32, 33, 34 and S11) (#11 LART Supplemental Instruction)


Student Success Center
Building: ATC 3rd Floor and S43

Diana Alves De Lima
Phone: 408.864.8485

Melissa Aguilar


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