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Welcome!  Here is a place (temporary, until we get set up in the correct location) to post meeting notes, updates, resources,  links, and anything else that will help us communicate and guide the Student Success Center through its new efforts.

Please be aware that these are mainly internal documents, often us directly with question on anything linked on this page.

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F10 Title III/SSC update presentation to DARE

Fall 2010 SSC Updates

2010-11 SSC Org Chart (revised 9/8/10)

Fall 2010 SSC Update Letter to Language Arts Faculty (revised 9/8/10)

Fall 2010 SSC Update Letter to campus

Email "blurb" for green sheets

SSC Weekly Tasks related to tutoring (Sandy's 9/9/10 word document--DRAFT)

SSC planning spreadsheet (Diana's 9/8/10 Excel document--DRAFT)


SSC Staff Meetings

Weekly SSC Staff meetings on Mondays 2:30-3:30 beginning 9/20/10.  Location TBA.

9/17/10 Opening Day SLO planning

9/27/10 SARS training 3:30-5:30 after staff meeting

9/8/10 2-5 pm WRC:  9/8/10 agenda and notes

7/1/10 2:30-5:30 in LCW 138.  Topic: Student tutor interview and hiring processes (Sandy), tutor training (intro) (Diana)  Sandy's flowchart on tutor hiring process

7/6/10, 12-6pm, Kirsch Center conference room: Kickoff (mainly for full-time classified staff team building)  7/6/10 Kickoff agenda

(subsequent staff meeting notes are in SSC shared folder)


Language Arts Title III Faculty Team:

Julie Sartwell

Amy Leonard

Maryanne Ifft

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Craig Norman

SSC Participants in Language Arts Efforts: Diana Alves de Lima, Mary Browning, Sandy Blackborow, Jeannie Kastelic, Renato Tuazon, Kanako Suda.    

Language Arts Title III/SSC Meetings: 

6/12/10 12:30-1:30, WRC Topic: sharing future visions and immediate concerns.  6/12/10 Mtg Notes

6/21/10 12-1, WRC Topic: List of Concerns and Work. 6/21/10 Mtg Notes 

6/28/10 10-1 ATC 304 Topic: Define SSC who what when where of work and services, begin space planning. 6/28/10 Mtg Notes 

7/5/10 10-12 AT 304 7/5/10 mtg notes

8/5/10 10-12, WRC Topic: Space, letter to faculty, updates on pilot project 8/5/10 agenda  8/5/10 mtg notes 

9/13/10 12:30-2:00, WRC Topic: Plan opening day presentations,

9/15/10 12:30-2:00, WRC

Reference SSC Reorg Documents

Job Announcement for Title III Language Arts--Implementing the Student Success Center Reorganization (Word doc)

Job Announcement for Title III Language Arts Advancing Through the Sequence

Student Success Center Reorganization Joint Proposal (January 2010) (Word doc)

SSC Planning time line (Lydia's 6/28 update)  (Word doc)

Language Arts Class Assigned Tutor Pilot Project report (Word doc)

Job Announcements:  Instructional Support Technician (General), Instructional Support Coordinator, Instructional Support Technician (Language Arts), Instructional Support Technician (Math/Science) Academic Advisor, Learning Resources, Dean of Learning Resources

July 6, 2010 SSC Kickoff agenda

De Anza links

SSC Home (links to all SSC programs as defined before reorganization; will be revised)

Title III at De Anza

Basic Skills Initiative at De Anza

DARE (coming soon) Developmental and Readiness Education at De Anza

Class Assigned Tutor (Language Arts)  

Skills Workshops

LSL Workshops

Tutor Training


Related projects at other schools Descriptions of and resources on tutoring support for specific writing courses and writing across the curriculum. Santa Barbara City College's Directed Learning Activities (DLA) page


Related professional organizations Statewide Basic Skills Initiative International Writing Centers Association Learning Assistance in Higher Education College Reading and Learning Association International Center for Supplemental Instruction



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