Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Skills Labs

Skills Labs are self-paced, and you have many options to complete the 4 Skills Labs to earn credit in the Skills 232/233 course.  You can choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it!

Please attend an on-campus Workshop or refer to the Skills Lab Sheet  to choose your lab topics.

Submit your four labs on CATALYST by the deadline, usually Friday of Week 8, 11:55 pm.

Study Skills Inventory

We recommend that you refer to the results of the Study Skills Inventory you completed during the Online Orientation to focus on a specific area or topic that may enhance your academic success. Skills Labs include Goal Setting & Motivation, Time Management, Note Taking, Test Taking Anxiety, Textbook Reading, and many more.  Please refer to the Skills Lab Sheet for more details.


Additional lab options include individual and group activities. These are good options for repeaters or those interested in being considered as future group leaders.

Visit to download PDF handouts.

Four (4) labs are required by the lab deadline, usually Friday of Week 8 at 11:55 pm (see current Course Syllabus for exact due dates).  Each lab takes about one hour to complete. 

Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

You must submit four labs by 11:55 pm Friday of Week 8, to pass SKIL 232/233.  Submit early for best results! Please do not wait until the last minute, in case you have technical difficulties.

For each lab (#1, #2, #3, #4):

How to submit:

  • Create and save your assignment as a document saved on on your own computer or USB drive.
  • Click on the assignment (Lab #1, #2, #3, #4), and copy-paste to the text box. Check formatting. 
  • Click Submit when finished.

(Note: you can type your assignment directly in text box, but you will lose your work if you close the window before submitting. If you submit before you are finished, however, you can go in and edit, as long as the assignment is not yet graded.)

What to include:

In the text box, at the top, please LABEL according to the Lab Sheet:

  • Type (i.e. Skills Workshop*, Internet)
  • Detail (if workshop, include date, time and name of presenter; if Internet, include URL.)
  • Topic (i.e. Time Management, Textbook Reading, etc.)
  • Journal (minimum 250 words)
  • The Journal is a short PERSONAL and specific discussion about how you will use the information you learned from the lab activity or resource to enhance YOUR college success.   Refer to specific classes you are taking and details from your own life.  The journal may be one long paragraph or two shorter ones.  Please see Lab Journal page for an example of an acceptable journal submission.
  • The Journal must be YOUR OWN words.  If you use other's words (either from the Internet or another student) you must give written credit to the source.  If you do not, you are committing plagiarism, representing the work of someone else as your own. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade on the lab and/or the class, which in turn will affect any extra credit you might receive for completing the Adjunct course.  The plagiarism will also be reported to your content course instructor.  See for more on definitions and potential consequences of academic dishonesty.


  • Labs are graded on a scale from 0-25 points.
  • Grades are based on word count and quality of ideas. The more specific and personal you are, the better!  The writing should be clear and represent your best work, but we do not grade down for grammar errors.
  • Click on the "Grades" link on the left of the screen to see your results.
  • Labs will be usually be graded within one week after the final lab deadline (end of Week 8.)

If you have a question about the lab or your grade, please contact the Skills Center:

Diana Alves de Lima, Instructor and SSC Co-Director 408-864-8485  ATC 309a

Stephanie Pham, Program Coordinator
408-864-8253 ATC 302

Students registered in a SKILLS course may use the Academic Skills Center during office hours to complete the online orientation and labs in a quiet study area. Students can complete online work from any location with Internet access. Printing is not available in the Skills Center. 

Building: ATC 302

Diana Alves De Lima

Melissa Aguilar


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