Academic Skills

Academic Skills

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Students registered in Skills 232 have many options to complete the four Skills Labs:

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Time Management

Time Management: Strategies For Success


Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures

  • Assess where your time goes
  • Make some decisions about changes you would like to make to use your time more effectively     
Textbook Reading

Textbook Study


3Q3R - Improving Reading Comprehension

  • Use the SQ3R method of reading textbooks to enhance understanding and retention of material
  • Reduce the amount of time spent studying material immediately prior to a test
Note Taking

Taking Effective Notes


Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies

  • Assess your current listening and notetaking skills
  • Develop strategies and approaches for systematic notetaking
 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Thinking Like a Genius
  • Look at problems in different ways
  • Find new perspectives and creative solutions to better manage your future
Essay Writing

Essay Writing or

Reading & Writing Strategies

  • Read about writing college essays
  • Learn the common genres students may encounter in college: description, narration, exposition, and argumentation
Goal Setting

 Motivation & Goal Setting

  • Set goals to provide direction and purpose by following this easy process
  • Channel energy towards meaningful activities 
  • Goals + Plans = Success
Learning & Teaching Styles

Discover Your Learning Style

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Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know

  • Identify your style of learning
  • Try strategies to be a successful learner, such as forming study groups
Memory & Concentration


Improving Concentration


Concentration & Avoiding Procrastination



  • Learn how to enhance both concentration and memory
  • Practice skills to improve one's success as a student
  • Understand the structure of memory
Test Taking Anxiety  Test Anxiety & Test-Taking Strategies
  • Learn a variety of study strategies you can use from the first day of class to improve your test performance
  • Assess how well you are already doing with your study skills
Career & College Skills

Academic & Career Exploration

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  • Maximize your college experience and become a successful student
  • Explore careers and choose a major
  • Master the job interview or write an effective resume

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