2022-2023 HEFAS Interns

Outreach Coordinator

Kitshia headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Kitshia and I am so excited to be this year's HEFAS Outreach Coordinator! My pronouns are she/her and I'm a first-generation college student and Mexican immigrant. I'm currently planning to major in nursing once I transfer from De Anza and look forward to having a career as a nurse practitioner. I love trying new foods and experiences and some of my hobbies are roller skating and watching rom-coms or horror movies!

Center Coordinator

Ruchira photo

Hello, my name is Ruchira Danavadi, and this quarter, I'll be working with Hefas as the Center Coordinator. I oversee the HEFAS office as the Center Coordinator, so feel free to stop by if you need assistance or have any questions about our resources and services. She/her are my preferred pronouns, and I'm currently majoring in Psychology. I want to transfer to a UC, enter medical school, and pursue a career in healthcare. I particularly enjoy binge-watching TV series and listening to music, which is a fun fact about me. I also enjoy exploring new cuisines and restaurants. I'm delighted to meet you all.

 Public Relations Coordinator

Karla photo

Hello, my name is Karla and my pronouns are she/her! I'm so glad to have the opportunity of this internship and can't wait to meet others at the HEFAS Center. I'm currently in my second year here at De Anza and my major is journalism, hoping to pursue a career as a journalist. I’m at my happiest when I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s music and rewatching my favorite movies: the Star Wars movies and Black Swan. 

Member Coordinator

Jocelyn's Headshot

Hello, I am Jocelyn Velazquez currently a sophomore in college majoring in Business Economics! My goal is to go to law school and eventually go into corporate law with my undergrad degree. De Anza has been an amazing opportunity for me to expand my education and as a HEFAS intern, I have learned more about my leadership skills. I am a Membership Coordinator for HEFAS  in my rule I ensure that everyone apart of HEFAS feels safe and that their voice is being heard!

Volunteer Coordinator 

A picture of Brenda.

Hi everyone, my name is Brenda. I am HEFAS and UndocuSTEM's Volunteer Coordinator. My pronouns are she/her/ella. I am a first-genertation college students and mother to three beautidul daughters. I am a Mexian undocumented student pursuing a career in nursing. I am a caregiver who is passionate about taking care of people especially in th emedical field. I enjoy creating core memories with my family, photographing beautiful nature sceneries, and appreicating our anything in reguard to astronomy. One of my hobbies is road cycling thorugh trails. 

 Mental Health Coordinator 

A picture of Ivette Contreras.

Hello everyone:) My name is Ivette Contreras (she/her pronouns) and I am the Mental Health Coordinator for HEFAS this year. I am in my third year at De Anza, and am majoring in Chicanx and Gender Studies in hopes of transfering to a UC. My career goal revolves around the legal field, whether through corportate, contract, or immigrational sector of law. The intention behind my role is to create, find, and connect student to resource that will best support their mental wellness. In my free time, I enjoy activities such as hiking, eating, dancing/raving, and sleeping. 

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