General Meeting Information

Date: October 7, 2021
Time: 3:00-4:30

  • Agenda

    College Planning Committee Agenda
    • Introduction of members
    • Review  charge of committee 
    • Review updated planning quilt
    • Review committee membership
    • Review results from spring 2021 survey of the six factors of success
      • Discuss administration of the survey in late fall
    • Review proposal to charge CPC with implementing Equity Plan Re-envisioned
    • Review strategic planning timeline
    • Next meetings:
      • October 21 – 3-5 p.m. ACCJC training on Institutional Self-Evaluation Report
      • November 4, 3-4:30
  • Minutes

    CPC Notes – October 7, 2021 – 3-430

    Attendees: Mallory Newell (Chair), Lloyd Holmes (Senior Staff), Christina Espinosa-Pieb (Senior Staff/IPBT), Rob Mieso (Senior Staff/SSPBT), Pam Grey (Senior Staff/APBT), Iman Seal (APBT), Tracy Chung-Tabangcura (Classified Senate), Mary Pape (SLO), Lydia Hearn (Senior Staff), Marisa Spatafore (Senior Staff), Cheryl Jaeger-Balm (Academic Senate), Tim Shively (Faculty Association), Karin Davinabudi (DASG), Randy Bryant (CTE), Alicia Cortez (Equity Office), Tabie Lee (EAC), Kim Palmore (Guided Pathways), Lisa Ly (Guest), Yvette Alva-Campbell (Guest), Vacant (SSPBT)

    • Members introduced themselves and shared the constituency group in which they represent on the committee.
    • Newell reviewed the charge of committee as a refresher and for the new members. Newell reminded members to take a look at the Governance Handbook and share it with their committees. 
    • Newell proposed removing from the charge: Oversee the allocation of state allocated Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program Funds. The committee discussed that a few years ago, the SEA funds were to be brought to the committee to allocate to programs, but it was later discovered that there are no discretionary funds, as all funds are tied up in positions. The committee agreed to the removal of the item, as it is no longer applicable, but it was noted that the committee would like to know the annual allocation of SEA funds. 
    • Newell shared a draft of the planning quilt and discussed that the planning and budget teams will need to determine what will take place in the planning cycle moving forward. Per the planning cycle, 2021-22 is supposed to be a year for comprehensive review. With the equity reflections taking place last year, in 2020-21, the teams need to determine when and if a comprehensive review will take place. Then inform the CPC so the quilt can be updated. 
    • The committee then reviewed the committee membership and Newell proposed some changes based on no longer overseeing the Equity funds and working on Strategic Planning this year. The changes include: 
      • Removed Equity Program Coordinator (position originally added to provide input on SEA funds)
      • Added Dean of Equity and Engagement (added for integration of equity into strategic plan)
      • Added Guided Pathways Co-Coordinator (added for integration of Guided Pathways into strategic plan)
      • Removed Basic Skills Program Coordinator (position originally added to provide input on SEA funds)
      • Removed STEM Program Director (position originally added to provide input on SEA funds)
    • Lisa Ly shared the results from spring 2021 survey of the six factors of success. The survey will again be administered in fall 2021 to improve the sample size. The IR office will continue to work with the Guided Pathways focus group team on the survey and appropriate focus groups to seek student input. 
    • Newell shared a proposal to charge the CPC with implementing Equity Plan Re-envisioned. Upon review of the proposal, an alternate proposal was raised and the committee agreed that the oversight of the Equity Plan Re-envisioned go back to the EAC and be lead by the new Faculty Equity Director (Lee), rather than housed within the CPC. Lee agreed to oversee the plan in collaboration with the EAC. President Holmes acknowledged that this work should wrap up by the end of the year so that it can be embedded into the strategic plan of the college. 
    • Newell shared the draft strategic planning timeline.
    • Next meetings:
      • October 21 – 3-5 p.m. ACCJC training on Institutional Self-Evaluation Report
      • November 4 – 3-4:30
      • Newell will schedule the rest of the meetings for the fall quarter every other Thursday from 3-430. 

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