General Meeting Information

Date: May 6, 2021
Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Welcome and Introductions

    Review Midterm Report and updated Institutional Metrics and updated CTE Job placement metrics and CTE licensure pass rates

    Review Midterm Report Timeline

    Assessment of Shared Governance Survey (2019-20 responses) will be sent out next week, please complete with your shared governance group

    Updates and revisions to Planning quilt


    • Fall 2021 ACCJC ISER training
    • Review ISER timeline

    Begin planning for Strategic Planning Process to take place beginning 2021-22

  • Minutes

    Attendees - Marilyn Booye, Rob Mieso, Alicia Cortez, Mallory Newell, Sally Gore, Marisa Spatafore, Lloyd Holmes, Lisa Ly, Heidi King, Diana Alves de Lima, Pam Grey, Randy Bryant, Yvette Campbell, Karen Chow, Katelyn Pan, Martin Varela, Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Lorrie Ranck, Deepa Yuvaraj

    The committee reviewed the ACCJC Midterm Report draft and Newell asked committee members to take the draft back to their consistituency groups for review and feedback to the CPC. Newell will be attending the following shared governance groups in May to share the report and ask for feedback: 

    • IPBT: June 8
    • APBT: TBD
    • SSPBT: May 20 
    • Academic Senate: May 17 
    • Classified Senate: May 27 
    • EAC: May 26
    • DASG: May 12 
    • College Council: June 10 

    Newell shared the institutional metrics that are included in the report and noted that some outcomes, such as certificates awarded, degrees awarded, and transfers have decreased over the past year. Newell also shared the CTE licensure pass rates which are shared annually with the CTE department chairs. 

    Newell reminder committee members that the annual Assessment of Shared Governance survey will be sent out and is to be complete collaboratively by each shared governance committee by June 25. Newell asked each committee member to ensure it gets completed in their committee.

    The committee then discussed the current planning cycle and the decision to make 2020-21 a year of reflection rather than a comprehensive program review year. This decision was made faced as a result of the killing of George Floyd and a greater attention to racial inequities on campus. The campus took a year to reflect on targeted questions at the department level around student equity. The reflections will be used to inform the Educational Master Plan update that will begin in fall 2021.  The committee discussed when the comprehensive review should take place. It was noted that the college may move away from an annual program review cycle, but it is to be determined, as the Governance Taskforce is currently exploring the potential new structure for shared governance. The group decided to revisit the planning cycle after the new governance structure is in place. Student services noted that they are gearing up to use the new CAS standards for their program review process. 

    The committee reviewed the timeline for the Institutional Self-Study Report and the site visit which is as follows: 

    ISER Report Timeline – Due December 2023

    • October 2021 – ISER Training from ACCJC – Pick a date in October 21: 3-5 p.m.
    • College Planning Committee Meetings: 
    • October 2022
    • November 2022
    • November 2022
    • December 2022
    • January 2023
    • February 2023
    • March 2023
    • April 2023
    • May 2023
    • June 2023 - First draft of report ready for Office of Communications 
    • July 2023 - Communications Office does initial review and questions for Mallory
    • August-September 2023 - Office of Communications works on final edits, formatting and publication
    • October - ISER report shared with governance groups
    • November - Report goes to Board for approval
    • December 15, 2023 – submit ISER to ACCJC
    • Spring 2024 – Site visit (Formative/Summative Comprehensive Review)

    The committee agreed that the ISER process will take place within the College Planning Committe. 

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