General Meeting Information

Date: May 8, 2023
Time: 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    *** Subject to change until 2:30pm Friday, May 5, 2023 ***
    I. Call to Order and Report Outs
    2:30-2:35 Welcome  (please complete you report out if you haven't already)

     Approval of agenda and minutes from May 1, 2023.

    A Balm, Lee

    Public Comment

    I All
    2:40-3:00 Report Outs I All

    II. Needs and Confirmations


     ASCCC OER Liaision - Confirmation of Cathy Patel

     Dean of Equity and Engagement Search Committee - two (2) faculty reps needed.

    • Cynthia Kaufman (Philosophy, Director of the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action)
    • Jorge Morales (Counselor/Co-Coordinator, FYE)

    Rest of Committee:
    Melissa Aguilar (Staff)
    Pablo Hernandez (Staff)
    Adrienne Hypolite (Admininstrator)
    Elvin Ramos (Admininstrator)
    Debbie Lee (Admininstrator)
    Mark Barnes (EO Rep)

    A Woodbury

     College Committee - needs

    Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP) -  three (3) faculty reps needed for 2023-2024

    What should the term length be for these? 

    Vice President of Instruction (VPI) Search Committee - three (3) faculty reps needed (to be confirmed next week); meeting dates:

    • June 7, 3-5pm, Zoom
    • Oct. 17, 3-5pm, Zoom
    • Oct. 30-31, 9am-5pm, in-person interviews
    • Nov. 13-16, finalist interviews and open forums

    Request to Serve Form

     At-Large Members for Tenure Committees starting in Fall 2023 - Request to Serve Form



    Update from the Academic Senate Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC)


    Rusty Johnson, Salvador Guerrero, Alicia Mullens, Woodbury, Balm
    III. Continuing Business
    3:35-3:55 Resolution Toward Racial Healing at De Anza College (first read) D Balm
    3:55-4:15 Ideas to help us make quorum in 2023-2024 (continued from May 1, 2023) D Balm
    IV. New Business
    4:15-4:20 Resolution Honoring Dawn Lee with Senator Emeritus Status (first read) D Balm
    V. Other Items

    Good of the Order


    I/A All

    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Member  Present   Absent   Member  Present   Absent 

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm - President 

      Julie Hughes - CA  X  
    Erik Woodbury - Vice President & Curriculum Chair X   Vernon Gallegos - CA   X
    So Kam Lee - Exec. Secretary X   Christian Rodriguez - DALA X  
    Mary Donahue - Part-time rep. & FA rep.   Kevin Glapion - DSPS X  
    Salvador Guerrero - Part-time rep   Liliana Rivera - E&E X  
    Cecilia Hui - ASLR X   Carmen Lizardi-Folley - IIS X  
    Dawn Lee - APASA   Shagun Kaur - LA X  
    Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa - BHES    X Lauren Gordon - LA  
    Anna Miller - BHES X   Mark Landefeld - PE X  
    Glynn Wallis - BFSA & EOPS X   Rusty Johnson - PE  
    Mary Pape - BCAT X   Alicia Mullens - PSME  
    Tim Harper - CTE  X   Ravjeet Singh - SSH X  
    Robert Alexander - Gen. Counseling   X Jayanti Roy - SSH X  
    Lisa Castro - Gen. Counseling X   Thomas Ray - Adminstrative Liaison (non-voting) X  
    Felisa Vilaubi - Emb. Counseling   Deborah Armstrong - Classified Staff rep (non-voting)  
    Anna Nguyen - Emb. Counseling X   Edith Chan - DASG (non-voting)  


    I. Call to Order and Report Outs


    Cheryl Jaeger Balm reminded representatives to update their report out.

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from May 1, 2023

    Shagun Kaur moved, Mary Donahue seconded to approve both minutes and agenda. No objection.  Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment 

    • Glynn Wallis, Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators Network (BFSA) and De Anza Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), made the following statement:

    De Anza College was founded in 1967 and in July 2022 it selected its first Black president Dr. Lloyd A. Holmes. Since his tenure began, Dr. Holmes has had to continue to prove himself as being worthy to be in his position as president. This is the common theme that many Blacks face today of constantly proving themselves worthy, despite being highly qualified for their positions.

    The Black Faculty Staff, and Administrators Network (BFSA), after much consideration and in an effort to decide how we will respond to various letters addressing Dr. Holmes’ integrity are requiring clarification from members of the Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA) about the conversation between President Holmes and Trustee Wong. We demand to know if “Dr. Holmes’ unsubstantiated quotes” referred to in the letter and sent to the Palo Alto Online Newspaper on behalf of members of APASA question Dr. Holmes’ integrity. We are essentially asking whether the members of APASA referred to in this letter believe that Dr. Holmes fabricated the allegations about the discriminatory comments made by Trustee Gilbert Wong or if they believed that Trustee Wong misrepresented APASA’s agreement and involvement with his anti-Black racist comments and actions. The BFSA is concerned with what appears to be a pattern of undermining Black Leadership, and shaming of Black Leaders in this space.

    We find it troubling that the major focus has been placed on Dr. Holmes for bringing these allegations to light, rather than Trustee Wong, the perpetrator of these hurtful acts. Over the years we have witnessed constant attacks on the integrity, fitness, and competency of Black employees at De Anza College. It is our preference to engage in dialogue and collaboration with all members of the campus community and there should be more communication instead of conflict between members of our affinity groups. We look forward to your clarifications.

    • Since this is an ongoing issue with multiple facets and opinions Shagun Kaur suggested that the above topic be agendized for discussion.  Cheryl Jaeger Balm noted there can be open conversation later under the agenda item on “Resolution Toward Racial Healing at De Anza College.”  Any senator may request items for information, discussion and action on the agenda. Please make requests by Wednesday to be considered for the next meeting.
    • Marla Knight, educator, retired City College of SF teacher, former member of CCSF Academic Senate. She spoke in support of Dr. Tabia Lee whose contract has been terminated. She described what is happening at De Anza campus and across the nation as alarming. Not just in the growth of anti-semitism also in the repression of speech that does not concur with the acceptable orthodoxy. College campuses should be places where students, teachers, and staff, the whole community can speak respectfully and openly without fear of censure or shaming. She urged for reinstating Dr. Lee, and she supported Dr. Lee’s efforts to build an inclusive, equitable, and inclusive campus community at De Anza.

    Report Outs - see the linked PDF

    II. Needs and Confirmations 

    College committees - confirmations

    ASCCC OERI Liaison - Confirmation of Cathy Patel to replace Mark Healy.

    Dean of Equity and Engagement Search Committee - two (2) faculty reps needed.

    • Cynthia Kaufman (Philosophy, Director of the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action)
    • Jorge Morales (Counselor/Co-Coordinator, FYE)

    Thomas Ray said the announcement for the position for Dean of Equity and Engagement has been posted. The application closes June 2.

    Mary Pape motioned to accept both confirmations, Felisa Vilaubi seconded. No objections.  Cathy Patel confirmed as the ASCCC OERI Liaison, and Cynthia Kaufman and Jorge Morales approved to serve on the Dean of Equity and Engagement Search Committee.

    College Committees - needs

    Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP) -  five (5) faculty reps needed for 2023-2024

    Faculty members were appointed to serve on the Program Allocation Committee (PAC,) now RAPP, from the winter quarter through the current school year.  The Academic Senate will discuss and decide in the next meeting the term length for these positions as well as the split. Currently, the five members include the Senate Vice President, 1 part-time faculty, 1 at-large faculty, 1 instructional or non-instructional faculty member depending on the role of the vice president, and 1 FA representative. The previous IPBT members served 2-year terms.

     Vice President of Instruction (VPI) Search Committee - three (3) faculty reps needed 

    Volunteers should complete the Request to Serve Form by 5pm Wednesday.

     At-Large Members for Tenure Committees starting in Fall 2023 

    1 Professional Growth Award (PGA) unit for each phase of committee service.

    Update from the Academic Senate Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC)

    Rusty Johnson reported that there are no candidates for president; 2 for secretary; 1 for part-time at large rep.

    There was a proposal to set aside the bylaws by a ⅔ vote that will delay the election by 2 weeks. Put out a call for the President and Vice President positions. Candidate statement due May 22. Election: May 26-June 2.  Some people may be interested in the VP position, while they may not feel qualified or interested in the President position.

    Erik Woodbury was willing to step into the President position through the open election.  Salvador Guerrero expressed his appreciation for Erik but was concerned about the Resource Allocation and Program Planning committee (RAPP) since the Academic Senate VP serves as one of the chairs of RAPP.  Erik said he was committed to continue his work on RAPP and the curriculum committee. He planned to trade some duties with the potential incoming VP.

    Mary Donahue asked what the other duties for the president and vice president are. There are many committees that need faculty representation.  Cheryl Jaeger Balm replied that these positions could  be filled by the president or delegate, and vice president or delegate.

    Senators shoul reach out personally to anyone you think might be interested, and solicit their involvement.

    Salvador clarified that part time faculty are eligible to run for the President and Vice President positions. Full time and part time faculty are compensated differently.

    Shagun Kaur motioned to open up a call for vice president, extend the call for the president position, and delay the election process by 2 weeks from today. Mary Pape seconded  Vote: Yes 21, No 0. Motion passed

    III. Continuing Business

    Resolution Toward Racial Healing at De Anza College (first read)

    This resolution was attached to the agenda and was sent to the affinity groups for review, comments, and suggestions. Representatives should get feedback from their constituencies before the final vote.  It is a commentable document. Everything in red and blue is suggested edits. People should continue to comment.

    There were some discussions on the wording and language in the draft, especially the meaning of “white supremacy” and “the idea of a fair and equal treatment of humans or man.”

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm explained the history and reason for the last resolve. At the May 1, 2023, Board of Trustees Meeting, the board, in response to the public comments, charged Chancellor Miner and Cheryl as the Academic Senate President to lead the effort for racial healing on campus. Since this clearly is not under the 10+1, the final resolve is an ask to hire a neutral and qualified outside mediator to work with the leaders of our college and its affinity groups to rebuild trust and respect on our campus. 

    Tabia Lee pointed out the need for both racial and ethnic healing at De Anza. She suggested 2 additional resolveds to address anti-semitism, so that Jewish faculty, staff and students can feel welcome, safe, and valued. She emphasized the need to have more affinity groups to represent the diverse racial and ethnic groups at De Anza.

    Shagun Kaur said this is an important resolution. She suggested adhering to the state academic senate format of having no more than 4 resolveds. 

    Cheryl reminded everyone that the Academic Senate does not have to vote on a second read. The Senate can take as many reads as needed to get it right. This could be separated into 2 resolutions.

    Ideas to help us make quorum in 2023-2024 (continued from May 1, 2023)

    Time changes:  Most people were fine with meeting weekly for 2 hours. There was interest in moving the meeting time earlier in the day. However, there are time conflicts with class schedules that may prevent faculty from serving. Also, some faculty have already set their teaching schedule to fulfill their 2-year term. 

    Salvado Guerreror observed that some divisions with 2 seats had only 1 representative, leaving 1 seat vacant. Would 1 representative per division help with meeting quorum.

    Change eligibility:  Option 1 - Voting members must attend in person.  Option 2 -Voting members must attend from within district.  Mark Landefeld advocated for keeping the current HyFlex option as it is. That is the most flexible especially for part time faculty who may not be on campus on Mondays. He also acknowledged the benefits for community building when meeting in person.

    Shagun Kaur moved to add 5 minutes and end the meeting at 4:25 pm. Erik Woodbury seconded. No objections. 

    Incentives for serving: Professional Growth Award (PGA) credit for full time faculty. Additional pay for part time.  Who pays for the part time rep?

    IV. New Business

    Resolution Honoring Dawn Lee with Senator Emeritus Status (first read)

    This is a commentable document that will be back for a vote next week.

    IV. Other Items


    Erik Woodbury motioned, Mary Pape seconded, to adjourn, no objection.

Zoom Information 

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 862 8689 2795
Passcode: 292169

Phone one-tap: +16699006833,,86286892795#

Member   Remote Location   In District?  
Christian Rodriguz (DALA)    3070 H Dela Rosa Sr St, Soledad   No
Mary Donahue (PT)   De Anza - MLC 243   Yes  
Mark Landefeld (PE)   De Anza - PE 51A Yes
Anna Miller (BHES)   1083 Nilda Ave, Mountain View    Yes  
Kevin Glapion (DSPS)   505 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco   No
Salvador Guerrero (PT)   1630 Merrill St, Santa Cruz   No
Lisa Castro (Couns)   580 Coombs St., Napa  No
Anna Nguyen (Couns)   46655 Mission Blvd, Fremont   No
Julie Hughes (CA) 32 Hayes Ave., Lexington, MA No

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