General Meeting Information

Date: October 19, 2020
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Action Objective                       Discussion Leader
    2:30 - 2:40 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from October 12, 2020 Meeting A   Chow, All
    2:40 - 2:50 Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) I   All
    Needs and Confirmations:

    I/D/A  Request to add Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Coordinator, Student Activities, to Facilities Masterplan Task Force as 4th Faculty Representative  Pape
    3:00 -3:30

    Proposal for $4.5M Budget Reduction at De Anza College To Meet District's Reduction Target

    I/D Explanation of Budget Reduction Information Presented & Discussed at 10/6/2020 Joint Planning And Budget Teams Meeting and 10/13/2020 Instructional and Planning Budget Team Meeting Espinosa-Pieb
    3:30 - 4:20

    Constitution & Bylaws Review

    Community Agreements for Safe Inclusive Dialogue

    Jamboard for input

    Governing Documents and Robert's Rules of Order

    Constitution Revision Proposal For Review/Comment

    By-Laws Revision Proposal For Review/Comment 


    Dialogue, both small-group and as a whole Executive Committee to:

    • clarify and establish community agreements for safe inclusive dialogue in Academic Senate, as a foundation for inclusive, equity-minded review of Academic Senate Constitution and By-Laws
    • review and agree on the process of review and approval of Constitution and By-Laws
    • review proposed Constitution and By-Laws (Constitution & By-Laws Review Task Force Members: Mary Pape, So Kam Lee, Shagun Kaur, Ishmael Tarikh, Erik Woodbury) and propose any additional edits to ensure that these documents are:
      • relevant/current 
      • reflect actual practice 
      • are not unnecessarily restrictive 
      • promote effective, inclusive, equitable, and collegial governance



    Standing Committee updates (may include campus committees and shared governance groups not on this list)

    • Administrative Planning and Budget Team (APBT)
    • College Council
    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Equity Action Council (EAC)
    • Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Committee
    • College Planning
    • Campus Facilities Committee
    • Tech Committee
    • Online Advisory Group
    • Chancellor's & Senior Staff Weekly Zoom Update/Q&A Forums (open to all district/campus, not shared governance committees)
    • Consultation Council (new group assembled by Chancellor Miner)

    Representatives From Committees

    (Chow, Pape, etc)


    Good of the Order






    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

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  • Minutes

    Minutes of October 19, 2020 Meeting

    Approval of October 19 Agenda and Minutes from October 12, 2020 Meeting

    Motion to amend agenda.  Move Committee Updates to 3:30 and Constitution Review to 3:40-4:25.  Mary S moved, Erik W seconded. Unanimous consent. No objections.

    • Agenda approved.
    • Minutes approved.

    Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    • Helen shared comments from a Business department faculty, Michele Fritz, concerning campus reopening. She is glad that the Academic Senate is addressing the lack of a quiet place for students to study as an equity issue. Students are crowded into apartments. They need a place to work with access to wifi. Opening outdoor spaces, such as the cafeteria, patio, or quad areas would be a tremendous help to students who are struggling. Campus should allocate Covid funds for custodian shifts to monitor and sanitize outdoor seating areas. ETS could  determine which outdoor areas have the best wifi access and designated those as quiet study areas for students. Start with outdoor areas, next the ATC or the library. If we care about equity, we need to establish safe haven for all students.
    • Mary D posted a link to the campus map
    • She identified the restroom building in L5 adjacent to parking lot B. This allows easy access without going across campus or opening up other buildings. There is not much cleaning and expenses.  She also hears a lot about students needing a quiet place for study. She suggested looking for edge areas with good wifi or areas to set up better wifi.
    • Karen shared information from the senior staff zoom meeting.   President Holmes has asked senior staff to come up with a plan that can be shared with shared governance groups, unions and involved groups. He talked about all the considerations before making decisions on opening up; and how those decisions should involve all the senates,  classified, academic, student, and the unions. The priority is to serve and also to protect, and make it safe for all the campus constituencies. Any ideas, needs, and requests regarding campus returns should go to the deans. Inform the deans; then the deans can amplify those requests to the senior staff.
    • Cecila: Students have been asking for quiet study spaces since March via library chats. How does information travel up to the senior staff?
    • Lorrie: Working through the deans is just one way to get conversation to the senior staff level.  The senior staff is having that conversation on the library plan, about what space, where it should be located; and how to keep it safe for everyone.

    Needs and Confirmation

    Request to add Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Coordinator, Student Activities, to Facilities Master Plan Task Force as the 4th Faculty Representative.

    The current representatives Andrew Stoddard, DMT, Bill Wishart, Auto Tech; Gokce Kasikci, Graphic Design were confirmed and approved last week.

    Hyon Chu received an email and responded to Sally Gore about serving on the Task Force. In the meanwhile, Pam Grey has approved adding Hyon Chu to the Task Force. 

    Therefore, Mary P was presenting to the Senate for confirmation someone Pam Grey has already approved.

    Ishmael: Last week Bob Stockwell brought up the need to to keep the Committee in equal proportion. If the administration adds another member, faculty should get another seat. Has the administration added another member, or has plans of adding more members? 

    Ishmael feels that this is highly improper, regardless of Pam Grey’s approval.  There is a process where people submitted their names, and statements, and adhered to a deadline; Hyon Chu sent her name to Sally Gore, but not to the Academic Senate callout. We have a process, and the process should be adhered to. This could lead to situations where people may go outside the Academic Senate to be added to various things. Are we adhering to the Academic Senate process by even putting this to a vote?

    Cynthia appreciated and agreed with Ishmael's point. However, she felt that the process should have flexibility; and hoped the process continues to be flexible whenever possible. Hyon Chu misunderstood the process and missed being confirmed last week. Since they agreed to add one more position, Cynthia would like to see Hyon Chu on that Task Force.

    Hyon Chu explained that she received an email from Sally Gore directly requesting names from those interested in the Task Force; she replied to Sally directly the next day. Hyon Chu was not interested in the Facilities Committee; only interested in the Task Force. She assumed that the Task Force is different from other shared governance groups. She missed the email from Karen. Also, the timeline was so short. For these really important committees, there should be a longer timeline, in case someone misses the first message. In good faith she sent her request to Sally, whose email directed people to contact her. Hyon Chu did not realize that there was a separate process the Academic Senate takes on.  In her mind, she did not think a Task Force is put to the same process as a shared governance.

    Ishmael thanked Hyon Chu for that explanation/clarification.

    The Facilities Committee is different from the Master Plan Task Force. The committee has limited membership; the task force does not.

    Karen acknowledged that there was a lack of clarity but good intention to make the Task Force as inclusive as possible.

    Cynthia moved to appoint Hyon Chu Yi-Baker to the Facilities Master Plan Task Force, Mary S seconded. 19 yes, 1 abstention. Confirmed.

    IPBT, faculty voting member, PT, (one year)
    Ed Ahrens resigned, effective immediately, from his position as a voting faculty member on IPBT (Instructional Planning and Budget Team).  He was serving the second year of a two year term designated for a PT faculty member.  

    Seeking a replacement for this voting member position for the remainder of this academic year (until June 2021).  Priority will be given to a PT faculty member.  If no PT faculty member submits a request to serve, then any FT faculty who submit a request to serve on IPBT will be considered and one will be appointed to fill this position.

    Volunteers should submit name and statement to the Request To Serve form by 5:00 PM on Friday, October 30. To be appointed at the Academic Senate Meeting on Monday, November 2.

    Proposal for $4.5M Budget Reduction at De Anza College To Meet District's Reduction Target

    Explanation of Budget Reduction Information Presented & Discussed at 10/6/2020 Joint Planning And Budget Teams Meeting and 10/13/2020 Instructional and Planning Budget Team Meeting

    Christina presented and explained the first draft of the Budget Reduction Proposal for 2021/22.

    There is a Nov 1 deadline for President Holmes to present to the board a $4.5 million budget reduction proposal for De Anza, as part of the $9 million reduction for the FHDA district.

    Lloyd has directed Pam to come up with the $4.5 million reduction from one time funds that does the least harm and does not affect employment. In this proposal, the reduction to the 1320 fund definitely affects employment.

    In the proposed plan that outlined the target $4.5 million reduction, starting from top:

    Fund 400 (Capital Projects) is money that has been put aside for building emergencies such as new roofs, or semistic upgrades, etc. Now that the bond measure has passed, they felt confident about taking $2 million from this fund to address part of the $4.5 million.

    Karen wondered if the $440,000 in the PT faculty fund, 1320, could be offset by taking further money out of Fund 400.  That would leave more money intact for actual instruction. The passage of Measure G provides money for capital improvement. 

    Ishmael: $4.5 million is half, 50% of the district total. He wondered if that is fair considering De Anza has a larger burden to carry in terms of student enrollment.

    The senior staff and Lloyd are also questioning this breakdown.  50% DA, 35% FH, and 15% Central Services.  De Anza has the larger enrollment and is generating the income.

    Bob Stockwell asked about the impact of Fund 1320 reduction; how many sections; how many part time assignments as a result of that reduction.

    Rick: Fund 1320 is not just about part-time faculty; it is also full time overload; full time could give up some of the overload to alleviate that impact.

    Christina: $440,000 is the approximate reduction of 40 to 45 sections. That means reducing the FTES, not this year, but next year. The reduction would be dispersed over 4 quarters, 10 to 11 sections per quarter.  The college typically runs 1700-1800 sections. $440K is a 2% reduction.  Enrollment has been at both De Anza and Foothill has been down 2% to 5% the past few years. 1320 does include the overload, so it does not affect just the part-time faculty. 

    Elizabeth expressed concern for further cuts to the custodial and maintenance staff; there has been no restoration to the staff since 2007. 

    There are no custodial and maintenance impacts in these numbers.

    Cheryl questioned how the 2% reduction to Fund 1320 has been calculated. The trend has changed, enrollment has gone up tremendously since shelter-in-place; with students enrolling from all over the state and beyond; she questioned the validity of the number. $440,000 is less than 10% of the total reduction; can this money come from some other source.

    Christina acknowledged if enrollment continues to grow and the college is in a growth mode, the 2% reduction would not happen. 

    Cynthia: It would be more humane if we do not put people’s lives and livelihood in this “pretend.”  As Karen suggested, if this is just pretend, taking it out from Fund 400, the capital that is not needed would have less impact on people’s lives and their fears.  A second point, on the overloads.  If there should be a need to cut 1320 at any point, let’s agree to work together quickly to have more cut come out of overloads rather than out of people’s basic livelihood.

    Cheryl: if it's "pretend" why pretend to cut jobs, sections and students? 

    Kimberly: Students have been speaking against budget reductions at various meetings but have not heard any responses; they have been speaking out about how this will impact their lives. Chancellor Miner has talked about looking at one time funds. Kimberly asked why the cuts have settled on part time faculty. Our PT faculty are SO important.

    Terence moved to extend time 15 minutes; Mary D seconded. No objections. 

    Christina: The 2% cut is based on history and would happen only if enrollment declines. With the current demand she did not anticipate any cuts, she actuallyadded sections for both summer and fall. She could not speak for the board nor the chancellor.

    Terence: I’m also curious what the impact of cancelled classes (classes that were scheduled, but cancelled due to low enrollment) would be on the 1320 budget.

    Christina: Fall quarter classes were canceled 7 days before quarter started; they went back and forth between the 7 and 10 days; when classes were canceled; they added sections with long waiting lists; also added late start classes.

    Erik: even with this pretend, fictional number, people need to take this seriously; need to continue to push back; this will have a very real and devastating impact on our students, our faculty, and campus community.

    Mary D wondered if AS senate as a whole would propose that: if cuts have to be made to sections, start with full time overload first, rather than part time; if full time faculty classes don’t fill and they need to take classes that they take sections from full time overload and not from part time faculty.

    This would be up to FA. Also up to Karen and Mary P, as AS president and vice president if they want to take up such a vote.

    Kevin asked about the impact of Prop 15 that is looking really good.  It could mean an extra $11.5 million. 

    Christina: There is hope that prop 15 will pass, also hope for some fed dollars; they will know more after the election. No one wants to see a number that could affect them on this sheet; she feels positive about Prop 15; she is hopeful; she does not think any of this will happen.

    Betty: If this is the worst case scenario, can we get confirmation from the administration that the priority will be to restore the 1320 funds with a better budget outcome?

    Christina: This is the first draft; still waiting for IPBT and APBT; SSPBT has approved the budget proposal. The proposal will go to the College Council on October 29. Everything on this proposal is subject to change.

    Ishmael followed up on Mary D’s comment on overload that is clearly a FA contractual matter. He plans to put before the Academic Senate a motion that the Senate take a public position with a resolution that demonstrates more caring and sharing among faculty members. Overload clearly undermines the part time faculty. It is important for the Senate to take a position, because it is the right thing to do, morally and ethically.

    Cynthia would like to see the 1320 number be gone; as part of shared governance, does the senate get to vote on this proposal.

    Christina: This proposal has been put before the IPBT, APBT, and the SSPBT. Each PBT has representation from their constituencies. The Senate as body can make recommendations to the representatives that serve on these committees.

    Cynthia moved to extend 15 minutes; Shagun seconded; no objections.

    Christina finished going over the other line items in the proposed budget reduction plan.
    Fund 15 is a self generated account, like the bookstore, food services, and other operational areas of the campus. They earn their money, pay their employees and wages.  It includes money earned by coaches in fundraisers for expenses like team travels, etc. The money is in the campus general funds. The college has never touched the money in Fund 15 accounts. Pam went in and looked at all the Fund 15 accounts. They identified  accounts that have not been used in over 3 to 5 years and that amounts to $860,000. They have excluded anything that has been earned by the bookstore, food services, and the print shop.

    Fund 14-B budget is the general fund for the whole campus. Every dean, administrator, and some program director has discretionary funds in the B budget to spend. In some cases, they were able to cover expenses from other funds like the SWF instead of using the general fund. Each year about $991,000 were not spent.

    Released/Reassigned Time; this does not include released time for FA and AS, and shared governance leadership; mostly used for department chairs.

    Unfilled vacant positions-holding off on filling a position for a year.

    Cheryl: Exactly which programs is this $862,932 in Fund 15 coming from?  This is a very specific number, which implies very specific items being on the chopping block. Although these are accounts that haven't been touched for a long time, one would still need permission from the account holders.

    Cheryl: Also with regards to B Budget, cutting this by 20% because historically this was left on the table ignores our newly restated commitment to equity and antiracist work.  How are we going to pay for the work that needs to be done?  PD, etc....  Seems like B Budget would be a great way to fund that from our principals instead of our past spending record?

    The proposal will be put before the IPBT meeting tomorrow.
    Guests are welcome at IPBT
    Tue 10/20/2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Zoom Meeting.
    If you cannot attend the meeting, reach out to your IPBT reps about Fund 1320.
    The faculty IPBT reps are Cheryl, Erik, Terrence, Mayra, and Daniel

    Fund 15 has over 30 to 40 accounts. They would not take any money without going back to the people who earned them. 

    Cheryl: Who exactly left this B Budget money on the table?  Which divisions?  Will the 20% cut be across the board or proportional to the amount historically left on the table by that division?

    The one guiding principle is taking it from where it does the least harm.

    Elizabeth: In addition to contacting our faculty rep, the Senate should take a position and state that the Senate would not approve the proposal as it stands. 

    Mary P planned to propose in the IPBT meeting to reduce the proposed budget reduction target by $440,000, the proposed cut to Fund 1320.

    Time check and consideration on whether to continue discussion or go on to the rest of the agenda item.

    Ishmael on parliamentary procedure: The body could move to suspend the rest of the agenda, to accelerate whatever the body plans to do, like going directly to a motion and voting.

    Quick report and wrap up.
    Karen reported that the faculty group in last Friday's meeting discussed and established a timeline for the review and approval of the proposed revisions to the Constitution and By-laws.
    Also, standing committees should put updates and report in chat to be captured.

    Cynthia moved to suspend the rest of agenda including the rules to continue with the budget discussion in order for the body to make a motion and take action; Mary D seconded.  No objections. 

    Elizabeth moved: Academic Senate strongly recommends to all IPBT voting faculty representatives to vote against a reduction in 1320 funds in the proposed budget reduction.
 Cynthia seconded, 12 yes, 5 no, 4 abstention.

    Rick: proposed adding to the motion where the $440,000 would come from.

    Cheryl’s main concern is the lack of actual transparency around any of the numbers. If this proposal is about protecting part-time faculty employment, then go ahead with the motion; keeping in mind that they will have to find the money somewhere. We need to have these conversations more openly and further in advance for feedback, instead coming before the day it is to be voted on.  The budget will probably get push through. There is an overall lack of faith in this budget proposal; because there is not enough time or transparency for this body to react.

    Erik: This has not been done before; Senate telling IPBT rep how to vote. A formal resolution or recommendation from the Senate is a really strong message to put upon our representatives, some of whom are not tenured. All the faculty representatives are deeply invested to make sure faculty voices are heard. Trust the elected rep to do the job the Senate sent them to do. The intention of the resolution is good but it is setting a hazardous precedent by directing elected representatives how to vote.

    Ishmael disagreed with Erik. It is time for this body to take strong action when the item merits it. There is a timeline that we are pressed up against. It is a strong recommendation; but it is not telling people how to vote.

    Cheryl: The voting members of IPBT here are already feeling the pressure from this body whether the message is official or not. Non-tenured members are feeling the pressure from administration to vote for the proposed budget
. This resolution may give them cover if they choose not to vote for it.

    Called to vote on Elizabeth’s motion.
    Academic Senate strongly recommends to all IPBT voting faculty representatives to vote against a reduction in 1320 funds in the proposed budget reduction.
 12 yes, 5 no, 4 abstention. Motion carried.

    Constitution & Bylaws Review 

    • Suspended

    Standing Committee Updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)

      DASB is continuing to plan our De Anza Student Town Hall, and will finalize a date and time this week. We are also continuing to work to represent students on campus through multiple issues (addressing anti-blackness, basic needs support, sharing resources, advocacy work with the upcoming election, etc.). While the Town Hall will be centered on student voices first and foremost, we’d like to extend an open invitation to all faculty, staff, and admin to come and listen to student needs and concerns first hand, and will be sharing out more information as we finalize details. Lastly, DASB student representatives sitting on our PBTs are working their hardest to understand student concerns about the budget and section reductions and are advocating for more student voices (in and out of DASB Senate) to be heard regarding this extremely important decision.

    • Curriculum Committee

      The most important piece of business from Curriculum is that your Deans and Dept Chairs received an email about the courses that require DE (Online/hybrid) forms by the coming deadline of November 13th.

      Courses that require these forms are EITHER courses that are currently being offered or that are planned to be offered in W21 that do not currently have approval for online delivery. Forms will be submitted using the same process as in Spring (form found in AdobeSign Faculty Forms)

      If you have any concerns or questions about the courses that need to be completed, please feel free to contact Erik, the curriculum office, and/or your Curriculum Division Representative.

    • Campus Facilities Committee

      Campus Facilities - website w documents & minutes

      Discussed membership - added additional faculty (5?) & students (4?) to ensure even balance with administrators (?)

      Reviewed Master Plan project - Goals, Guiding Principles, Ground Rule: identifying/clarifying

      Land/space use, campus access/gateway flow (car/bike/walk), existing facilities, development history, open spaces, renovation/repurposing

    Good of the Order

    • Student and Faculty Election Activism
    • Anyone interested in GOTV work (phone/text banking) at the state (Prop 15 and 16) or national level (swing states/districts), please feel free to text/call (831-239-4343).
    • Mary S motioned, Betty seconded, to adjourn, no objection.





    Karen Chow


    Mary Pape

    Executive Secretary

    So Kam Lee

    Part-time Faculty Representatives

    Ishmael Tarikh

    Mary Donahue

    Academic Services & 
    Leaning Resources

    Cecilia Hui


    Bio/Health/Environmental Sciences 

    Robert Kalpin

    Anna Miller

    Business/Computer Science/
    Applied Technologies

    Rick Maynard

    Hellen Pacheco

    Counseling  and Disability Support Programs & Services

    Betty Inoue

    Kevin Glapion*

    Anita Vazifdar

    Creative Arts  


    Elizabeth Mjelde

    Equity and Engagement

    Cynthia Kaufman


    Intercultural/International Studies

    Anu Khanna


    Language Arts 

    Shagun Kaur

    Lauren Gordon

    Physical Education 

    Louise Madrigal

    Rusty Johnson

    Physical Sciences, Math, & Engineering

    Cheryl Balm (Fall)

    Lisa Mesh (W & Sp)

    Terrence Mullens

     Social Sciences & Humanities

    Rich Booher

    Nellie Vargas

    Student Development & EOPS

    Mary Sullivan


    Curriculum Committee

    Erik Woodbury

    Professional Development*

    Dawn Lee Tu

    Administrator Liaison*

    Lorrie Ranck

    DASB Representative*

    Kimberly Lam

    Faculty Association Representative*

    Bob Stockwell

    *non-voting member





    Lloyd Holmes

    De Anza President

    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services

    Christina Espinosa-Pieb

    VP of Instruction

    Pam Grey

    VP of Administrative Services

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs

    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations

    Scott Olsen

    Classified Senate

    Max Meyberg

    De Anza Student Trustee

    Mallory Newell-

    Institutional Research

    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems

    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer

    Mary Bennett

    Tenure Review Coordinator

    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Arts

    Eric Mendoza

    Dean of Physical Education and Athletics

    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement

    Randy Bryant

    Dean of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Kathryn Maurer

    Foothill Academic Senate President

     Isaac Escoto

    FHDA District Academic Senate President

     Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator

     Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences

     Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS

     Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid

     Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services

     Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies

     Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

     Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor

     Elvin Ramos

    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities

     Patrick Gannon

    Director, Book Store

     David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning

     Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

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