General Meeting Information

Date: January 13, 2020
Time: 2:30 pm-4:30pm
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:40 I. Welcome all Senators and Introductions of new/returning Senators I Chow
    2:40 - 2:45 II. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from December 2, 2019 Meeting A Chow
    2:45 -2:55 III. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) All
    2:55 - 3:05

    IV. Needs and Confirmations

    I/D/A Pape
    3:05 - 3:25

    V. Resolution on Facilitating Selection of Diverse Hiring Committees (2nd reading)


    Chow, Solomon, Thomas, Lee Tu

    3:25 - 4:00

    VI. Draft Process for Executive Committee Confirmation of Faculty Appointments To Committees

    I/D Chow, Pape
    4:00 - 4:20

    VII. Standing updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (DASB)
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)


    • Wallace/DASB representative
    • Pape
    • Glapion
     4:20-4:30  VIII. Good of the Order  I  All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    I. Welcome all Senators and Introductions of new/returning Senators

    • Karen shows new look for agenda; agenda and approved minutes available in Senate website in new format.
    • New and returning senators, self-introductions around the room.

     II. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from December 2, 2019 Meeting

    • Agenda approved.
    • Minutes approved.

    III. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    • Mary D: encourage everyone (students) to register to vote; post in classroom and website the link to register to vote; don’t have to vote on every item, and even the homeless can register to vote; Bob: 16 year-olds can pre-register to vote.
    • Mary D: trouble with portal; cannot download photo roster; Mary P: some issues with Firefox, Chrome is more stable than Firefox; Karen: report problem to ETS.
    • Ilan: the early cancelation and enrollment requirements are becoming an emergency; min needed for course to make, date to cancel, classes don’t return when they do not make or are low enrolled. Classes at 16 to 17 are cancelled a month before, FTEF is being reduced; in Creative Arts, and when classes get canceled, students look for classes in different schools, they leave; it is a spiral of doom;
    • Karen: noting this for the Academic Senate CSEM (Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management) Task Force, which is headed by Ishmael
    • Erik: Concern about permanent class reduction under the current system
    • Ishmael: this is a campus wide problem; the CSEM task force is working on plans and actions to address these issues.
    • Something happened with the add codes, especially with online classes.
    • Terence: lots of confused emails from students; students need to know
    • Karen: Nazy (Director of A&R) is aware of the problem, Barry Johnson was manually adding students when told SID and course number.
    • Mary S: Need better communication and information
    • Stephanie: Registration difficulty issues are still going on; ISP got lots of panicked email; they may need to extend add date; as of this morning, add code issue is still active.
    • Louise: when cancelled classes remain on system, students are not able to enroll in other classes due to “time conflict”
    • Marc: how can we add sections when classes are full with many students on waiting list

    IV. Needs and Confirmations

    • DSPS counselor Hiring Committee; Karen was initially asked to send out call for an outside faculty to serve, however, then, because DSPS has enough faculty within the area to serve, then they will forward the names of faculty from DSPS for confirmation by Academic Senate. It was an error on the part of the committee chair to request an outside faculty to serve on their faculty hiring committee when they have enough faculty in the area to serve on the committee.
    • VP of Administrative Services Hiring committee, 1 faculty is needed & Karen will send out the call to the all-faculty listserv
    • Question about Equal Opportunity (EO) training schedule: Upcoming EO training dates are:  1/10 9-12; 1/17 1-4  De Anza, Admin 109; Feb 18 9-12 FH Toyon Room.  Anita V. shared the HR link for EO trainings:

    V. Resolution on Facilitating Selection of Diverse Hiring Committees (2nd reading)

    • Karen: read the resolution.
    • Karen explains the rationale for the resolution: We wish to collect, from volunteers for hiring committees, information about their experiences, expertise, identities, and priorities around diversity. Since Academic Senate is making these volunteer opportunities more widely known campus wide in a more transparent process than before, more faculty volunteer names are being submitted.  And now, we are asked more often to make appointments from a larger pool of volunteers.  Thus, we need a more informed and transparent process for guiding Executive Committee members’ votes for faculty to appoint.
    • Terence: Are we asking for 150 words total or for each question? Karen: 150 words total is about half a page; Ishmael suggested 200 words total; Shagun: why the second question; first question seems more than enough. Danny S.: diversity may not matter in the same ways in all the hiring committees. Kevin G.: In faculty hiring committees, who is making the value judgement on diversity, us or the department?; Karen: some additional information needed for the executive committee to make appointments; some issues came up during the Executive Committee’s selection of faculty to appoint the president hiring committee; we are looking to appoint faculty not just by our own interpretations of the individual’s identity, but also for how does diversity matter for that position to be hired? This can be more important for higher level administrative positions.
    • Suggestion from Shagun and Marc, combine both questions being asked into one focus question.
    • Erik, Ishmael, Dawn: combine one and two. Karen requested to send suggestions to Karen
    • Dawn: co-author of resolution draft, clarified the reasons for the two questions. 1st question, asks about the volunteer’s own perspective and identity, background; 2nd question, asks about how and why is diversity important to you for this particular committee; clarify intention with both questions.
    • Stephanie: shared that in Classified Senate, they got very different responses from volunteers in response to similar questions about diversity, so it was helpful to see those responses.
    • Karen: was hoping to have an approved version that everyone feels comfortable with to post for upcoming hiring committee for VP of Administrative Services
    • Mary S move to use the current draft as a pilot with a statement limit of 200 words to use especially for the VP of Administration Hiring Committee; Terence clarify that there is 200 words total for both questions. Marc second; Erik: correction, first Resolved should read “staff, faculty, and student on hiring committees.” Bob:  keep questions as they are.  Call to vote:  approved with one abstain.
    • Karen requests to go overtime for the next agenda item. No objection.

    VI. Draft Process for Executive Committee Confirmation of Faculty Appointments To Committees

    • 1st reading; send comments and suggestion to Karen before next meeting

    VII. Standing updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • meeting Wednesdays 4 to 6; first meeting of Winter quarter is 1/15
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (DASB)
    • Mary provided update on faculty hiring prioritizations process. IPBT faculty members reached out to department chairs for additional information on their faculty hiring requests; IPBT met several times to go over program review data and other information that divisions and departments submitted; 40 faculty hiring requests were submitted for 8 positions vacated by retirements that were not SRP retirements (SRP retirement positions are not available to fill); difficult to rank the 40; will report out next Tuesday; each member will rank the positions to see which 8 positions bubble to the top across all the IPBT members. Next Tuesday Jan. 21, IPBT will finalize the list to recommend to College Council;  College Council will meet on Jan 23rd to review and approve IPBT faculty ranking recommendations.  Bob K.: Nursing has 3 positions to fill because of upcoming retirement; will the positions be filled before those faculty retire?.  Ilan: Music department faculty hiring request: is it off the list?  Mary: no positions are formally off but at this point, it looks unlikely.  IPBT will be inviting Music back in February to discuss the program.
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
    • Thursday Jan. 16 is the first meeting this quarter; faculty members on SSPBT are Kevin, Tim S, Robert Alexander, Susmita Gupta and should be on website;

     VIII. Good of the Order

    • Mary S: Movies on Mental Health 11:30 to 1:30, 1/21, conference rooms A & B; send students; remove stigma; Passed out handout advertising other Health Services events such as Club day t-shirt; blood drive; chill city; 4 drop in mental health groups
    • Ishmael; Thursday 5:15pm in room L15; CSEM Task Force meeting to discuss enrollment and early class cancellation; increasingly problematic,
    • Dawn: NCORE conference fund application due this week, 1/16, need a signature, review on the 29th
    • Bob and FHDA Trustee Patrick Ahrens: gave updates on Yes on Bond Measure and Parcel Tax Measures G and H campaign. Clarified that we can talk about politics in our class if we want to; we are not required to be just neutral in our stance, but we cannot use public resources for political advocacy purposes. .
    • Patrick A: explained that he is a De Anza Alumnus and that the bond and parcel tax campaign success is needed for updates to facilities and operations; this has strong potential to impact enrollment issues; Yes on Measures G&H Campaign office will be open on Monday to Thursday 3 to 7pm in the former Coffee Society location; this is the largest school bond in recent history and will serve a tremendous number of students; this can change the face of the district; Mail-in ballots will be sent to eligible voters on Feb 3 and elections will be on March 3; no amount of time or money is too small to help with this very fast-moving short timeframe campaign.
    • Mary D: outdoor club is going to Yosemite; Winter fun package (free…) stay 2 nights, get 1 free; heated canvas tents; De Anza home page
    • Terence moved to adjourn, Julie second. No objection.

    Executive Committee Members Present (✔)

    Name Position Present
     Karen Chow-   President
    Mary Pape Vice President 
    So Kam Lee Notetaker/Secretary (F19)
    Ishmael Tarikh-PT    Representss part-time faculty
    Mary Donahue - PT   Represents part-time faculty
    Paul Klingman  Applied Technologies  
    Pete Vernazza   Applied Technologies  ✔
    Bob Kalpin  Biological, Health & Environmental Sciences ✔ 
    Anna Miller  Biological, Health & Enviromental Sciences  
     Vacancy  Business, Computer Science  
     Mary Pape  Business, Computer Science  ✔
     Vacancy  Creative Arts  
     Ilan Glasman Creative Arts   ✔
     Nellie Vargas  Child Development  
    Betty Inoue  Counseling ✔ 
    Barb Dahlke  Counseling  ✔
    Anita Vazifdar  Disability Support Program & Services  ✔
    Kevin Glapion  Disability Support Program & Services  ✔
    So Kam Lee  Intercultural/International Studies  ✔
    Marc Coronado (W20 & S20) -- ICS/IIS   Intercultural/International Studies  ✔
    Terrence Mullens  Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering ✔ 
    Lisa Mesh  Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering ✔ 
    Shagun Kaur  Language Arts ✔ 
    Julie Wilson  Language Arts ✔ 
    Susan Thomas  Social Studies & Humanities  
    Daniel Solomon  Social Studies & Humanities ✔ 
    Louise Madrigal   Physical Education & Athletics  ✔
    VACANCY  Physical Education & Athletics  
    Tom Dolen  Tom Dolen  
    Mary Sullivan  Student Development  ✔
    Cynthia Kaufman – Equity and Engagement   Equity & Engagement  
    Erik Woodbury - Curriculum Committee  Curriculum Committee  ✔

    Guests Present (✔)

    Name Position Present
     Thomas Ray Administrative Representative  
    Paige Wallace DASB Representative
    Bob Stocwell Faculty Association ✔ 
    Christina Espinosa-Pib Interim De Anza President  
    Rob Miesa VP of Student SErvices  
    Lorrie Ranck Actin VP of Instruction  
    Pam Grey Interim VP of Administrative Services  
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs  
    Marisa Spatafore Associate VP of Communications & External Relations  
    Stephanie Serna Classified Senate President
     Genevieve Kola  De Anza Student Trustee  
     Mallory Newell-  Institutional Research  
    Moaty Fayek Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems  
    Renee Augenstein Articulation Officer  
    Mary Bennett Tenure Review Coordinator  
    Daniel Smith Dean of Creative Artstez  
    Alicia Cortez Dean of Equity and Engagement  
    Randy Bryant Dean Isaac Escotoreer & Technical Education (CTE)  
    Isaac Escoto Foothill Academic Senate President  
    Mary Pape FHDA District Academic Senate President
    Pam Grey Associate VP of College Operations  
    Laureen Balducci Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator  
    Anita Kandula Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences  
     Michele LeBleu-Burns Dean of Student Development/EOPS  
    Lisa Mandy Director of Financial Aid  
    Nazy Gayloyan Dean of Enrollment Services  
    Edmundo Norte Dean of Intercultural/International Studies  
    Jerry Rosenberg Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering  
    Judy Miner FHDA Chancellor  
    Dawn Lee Tu Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development  ✔
    VACANCY Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities  
    Patrick Director, Book Store  
    David Ulate FHDA Research & Planning  
    Mae Lee Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair  

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