AB 705/1705 Work Group

The purpose of the AB 705 / AB 1705 work group is to create a safe space for the college to share out on changes related to AB 705, 1705 and 1805, discuss impacts of the legislation on our community, and create the opportunity for colleagues to collaborate. Currently the group meets on a quarterly basis.

Meeting Notes by Academic Year


2016-2019 AB 705 Steering Committee


2018-19 Chairs: Kim Palmore, Kathy Flores, Mehrdad Khosravi, Thomas Ray, Casie Wheat

Academic Senate Representative Discipline Faculty Administrators Other Voting Members Non-Voting Members
Language Arts Senator Language Arts Instruction Counseling Faculty DASB Student
Senate President Math Student Services Assessment Center Supervisor ETS Representative
Senate Vice-President Reading Language Arts Dean Research Supervisor  
PSME Senator ESL PSME Dean     

Meeting Notes by Academic Year

District Assessment Task Force Meeting Notes


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