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NOTE: when I return to teaching, I will update this page. Thank you!

Update: September 15, 2014
Welcome to Math 10!! I look forward to teaching you and am excited to be your instructor. I have lots of information here to help you prepare for the course.
The class is currently full. The ONLY way to add this class is to watch the enrollment daily BEFORE the course starts. As soon as someone drops before the term starts, someone may add. Once the term starts, I will NOT add any more students. There is room in many of the on-campus sections.

This information is for students who enroll or wish to enroll in my Fall 2014 Math 10- distance learning section.
You must enroll by September 21st. I will NOT give out any add codes. Once the term starts on September 22nd, there are no additional enrollments, even if the class is listed as "Open."
This section is a distance learning section with mandatory on-campus exams.
Only enroll in this section if you are comfortable learning mathematics independently AND can attend the 4 on-campus exams. It is a fabulous format for those students who are strong in mathematics or earned A grades in Intermediate Algebra. If you are not confident in mathematics or need to ask lots of questions, then you are much better suited to one of the on-campus sections. Please read this entire page for more information.

Check before trying to register that you have Intermediate Algebra cleared. Do not assume that it is until you check for certain in MyPortal you passed Math 105 or 114 (C or better) at De Anza. I cannot wait for waivers to be cleared, late placement testing, late transcript delivery, etc. The distance learning sections fill very early. THERE ARE NO LATE ADDS.
If you are trying to clear the prerequisite with transcripts from another college, please follow the instructions (under Forms) at the following link. I have NO authority to waive the prerequisite. I cannot save you a spot while you are waiting for the waivers. (Really and truly -- no exceptions!)

Watch this short video FIRST:
What it takes to be an online student:
Fall 2014
Math 10 Syllabus
(pdf) - please read this CAREFULLY!
Exam Dates:
Exam 1: Wednesday, October 15, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, Media & Learning Center (MLC) 260, Chapters 1-3
Exam 2: Wednesday, November 5, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, MLC 260, Chapters 4-7
Exam 3: Wednesday, November 26, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, MLC 260, Chapters 8-10
FINAL: Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, MLC 260, Chapters 1-13
NOTE: If you are unable to make exam dates as scheduled, I can work with you to take them BEFORE our scheduled exam in another instructor's class. I need notice and you need to be able to get to campus. We can work it out. Once the exam date passes, there are no make-ups.
NOTE: the calendar is inside Catalyst.
Starting at NOON on the first day of the quarter:

Guide: WebAssign Student Quick Start
For registered students:

Your default user name is: "last name"."first name"
The institution is: deanza
Your default password is: math10
NOTE: if you already have a WebAssign user name and password from a previous course, try those first. Still use "deanza" as the institution, even if your account was from a different college.
Please change your password as soon as you sign in the first time.
Please note that the textbook is free, but there is a $33 charge for WebAssign. There is a two-week grace period for paying. You can pay by credit card or paypal online. Or, you may use a Financial Aid voucher or pay cash at the De Anza College Bookstore to get an access code. If you cannot pay the WebAssign fee, please contact me. Do not drop this course because of it!
WebAssign is mandatory for the homework for the course for at least Chapters 1-3. It continues to be mandatory with one exception. If you are not able to pay the $33 (pay online -- 2 weeks grace period) and do not have a Financial Aid voucher for the campus bookstore, you must still do Chapters 1-3 inside of WebAssign within the first two weeks. For Chapters 4-13, you can handwrite out the homework, show your work step-by-step (just answers = no credit), scan each page, and email me the hw. However, with WebAssign, I have set up the system so that you have multiple times to submit your answers to get the hw correct. If you submit by email, you only get one try.
Technology Based Activities / Labs
Labs may be handed in to me at the exams with all pages STAPLED together or emailed as a SINGLE attachment. Late work will not be accepted. You have 4 labs. I will drop the lowest lab score.

Lab Grading Rubric
Labs assigned:

Chapter 2 Lab
Chapter 6 Lab
Chapter 9 Lab
Chapter 12 Lab

Introductory Statistics (yellow cover) from OpenStax College.
My suggestion is DO NOT BUY the hard copy text, unless you feel you will learn much better with it. All of the text is online and free. The yellow cover text is the one to buy, if you do buy one.
You can also download the text to your Android phone or iPad (through OpenStax College app).
I personally like the iPad version the best. It does cost $4.99 but there are fabulous features, such as highlighting, bookmarking and notetaking, and immediate feedback.
TI-83 or 83+, or TI-84 Graphing Calculators. I will use the TI-83. If you don't already have one, those are the best (and least expensive acceptable ones) to use. If you have a TI-89 or TI-86, that is fine, but they are more complicated to use than the others. You will need downloaded programs (on your own) starting with Chapter 4.
Regarding the TI-86 or TI-89 calculators: They are acceptable if you already have one but you must download the statistics programs from the TI Web Site. There are calculator instructions for the TI-86 and TI-89 at (menu on the left). We have videos in iTunesU that demonstrate how to use the TI-83/84 calculators.

Course Description
The exploration of statistical processes presenting the why as well as the how. Includes distributions, correlation, causation, probability, surveys, case studies, and relationships. Demonstrations of statistical principles at work range from environmental studies to courtroom cases and weight-loss programs.
Prerequisites and Advisories
Prerequisites: Qualifying score on De Anza's Math Placement Test, or MATH 105 or 114; Advisories: EWRT 211 and READ 211 or LART 211 or ESL equivalent courses.

Instructor Information
Office Hours: by appointment
I am available most easily by email. If you want an in-person or phone meeting, please make an appt. to see me and I will happily come in.
Office Telephone: (408) 864-8211
Office Location: S76h
E-mail Address:

Requirements and information
There are 12 video programs (one-half hour each) available for you to view through the Chapter Videos link on the left. As soon as you pay your WebAssign fee, you can access to the videos instantly in the supplemental materials section, as well. You may also download them on your video iPod through the Chapter podcasts link on the left for free.

To download the videos on your computer, you will need to download iTunes for free on your computer. You can access that through the videos link. You can also just watch the videos without downloading them in WebAssign.
External speakers will make it easier to hear the audio segments. There are computers available during open lab times (posted on the doors) in the Open Media Lab in the Learning Center for you to use as well.
Student examples for the group univariate project at:
Univariate Project Example
Second Univariate Project Example
Student examples for the Hypothesis Testing Article Project done individually, found at:
Hypothesis Testing Article Project (Note: this project is presented in an Excel file.)
Hypothesis Testing Article Project 2
Hypothesis Testing Article Project 3
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