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Glassdoor estimates the mid to upper range annual salary of an established FM professional in Santa Clara County is between $150,000 and $210,000.

Last Year, There Was an Employment Gap of 3,500 Qualified Facility Managers in the Bay Area.

A Great, Sustainable and Well Paying Career is Already Waiting for You!

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Short Video- Learn How An AS Degree In Facility And Sustainable Building Management from De Anza College can jump start your career in Facility and Building Management. Become a De Anza Facility Management student and get started on your FM Career Path Today.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We do everything we can to prepare you for a Facility Management career. We provide hands on learning opportunities in the classroom and recommend networking opportunities available outside the classroom. We cannot and do not promise internships or jobs. Just like with any other job interview, our students must be able to demonstrate and communicate their value proposition to prospective employers.

We've Been Leaders In Facility Mgmt Education and Training for 8 Years!

We INNOVATE. Others Try To Imitate.

The California Community Colleges (CCC) are the largest educational system of colleges in the world, totaling 2.6 million students last year. De Anza College was the first CCC to engage Facility Management education with the IFMA Foundation over 8 years ago in January 2016- we're PIONEERS and LEADERS! De Anza College proved the Foundation for California Community College Facility Management educational model would work.

Regardless of what you may hear or read elsewhere (and as documented by the IFMA Foundation themselves in the following document), De Anza College completed the FIRST IFMA Global Workforce Initiative (GWI) Community College Essentials of Facility Management (EoFM) Pilot Program in JUNE 2016. Additionally, De Anza introduced the first State approved Facility Management AS Degree in California in September 2017. The California Community College Chancellor's office developed a Statewide FM career pathway initiative, the "Facility Management Talent Pipeline" based on the leadership and success of De Anza College's FM pilot program. As an educational leader, we continue to provide innovative and differentiating learning, networking and career opportunities for our students.

  • De Anza College delivers the most complete and well rounded FM educational experience with an emphasis on building code compliance, energy efficient and sustainable buildings, business and building operations, finance, real estate, property management, strategic facility planning, and environmental health and safety.

We offer everything other FM Programs offer and more. To manage buildings effectively, one needs to know how they work. We specialize in energy efficiency and REQUIRE our students to learn about sustainable buildings as part of our Associate Degree curriculum. Won't you be managing a building or a facility?

  • De Anza College's sustainable building focus will truly differentiate you in the workplace. Below is a direct quote from one of our recent graduates who was hired at JLL in September 2019: "In addition, my manager told me one of the reasons they really wanted to hire me is because of my sustainability background in the FSBM program at De Anza. JLL currently doesn’t have anyone within facilities at Google SF who focuses on sustainability. In the future, I will be able to work on and lead energy and sustainability projects for the Google offices in San Francisco. "
  • De Anza College offers the ONLY FULLY ONLINE Facility Management Certificates of Achievement and Associate Degree in the California Community College system. Don't let the COVID 19 shelter in place slow you down. If you're not in our geographic service area- no problem! There's no need to physically come to campus for any part of our program. Earn your FM Certificate or Degree on your own schedule via distance learning.
  • De Anza College provides hands on Facility Management networking, mentoring and learning opportunities with our program partners if you live near us in Santa Clara County. We have a great track record of graduates finding sustainable living wage careers when they leave us. In 2017, 100% of our program graduates found jobs in FM related fields within 3 months.

If you work for a Facility Management Services or Commercial Real Estate company and are looking for well educated and job ready entry level FM professionals, we graduate them each year. Our former students are working at companies like, Amazon, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, Google, Intel Corporation, Carbon Lighthouse, ASI Controls, Syserco, and Levi's Stadium.

Read What Graduates Say About Our FSBM Program & Their New FM Careers

Our graduates find great Living Wage Careers after earning a Certificate or Degree with us. We're deeply committed to fully preparing you for growing and well paying career opportunities in Energy and Facility Management. We take a very active role in providing guidance, connections and networking opportunities to help you find the career you're looking for.

We'll let our graduates tell you in their own words how our Facility and Sustainable Building Management Program and Degree prepared them for great careers shortly after graduation.

Graduated in June 2017- I just wanted to touch base and to let you know that I am truly enjoying my job here at Cushman & Wakefield. They have me doing HS&E work for the C&W at NVIDIA site, focusing on OSHA matters. I am learning a lot because my prior experience has been in complying with EPA hazardous waste, water, & air regulations.

Since I joined two weeks ago, I have already accomplished a significant task: developing a site-specific compliance manual for OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard that meets regulations, is consistent with both C&W corporate and NVIDIA's EH&S requirements, and reflective of how site operations should conform to the standards.

So many positives.... Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity! “

Graduated in June 2018- "My official title here at Intel is 'Facilities Technician' (SC1 building, Santa Clara, located on Bowers). Here, fabrication still exists and we're one of a few select locations that still fabricate semiconductors. The material inside the fabrication is our responsibility right after safety. Major systems are monitored using pressure gauges, water temp readers, potentiometers, and a number of other sensors.

My task is to calibrate all of these systems and assist with any alarms that are triggered on the FMS.

This opportunity would not have been possible for me if it wasn't for your hard work on getting the FSBM degree up and running! I greatly appreciate your dedication to the program and I will attempt my absolute best to make the program shine during my tenure here at Intel."

Graduated in June 2019- I wanted to tell you that I just signed an offer to work as a Project Manager at Ecology Action in Santa Cruz. This is a non-profit that has been there since 1970. They have been growing a lot recently and now have close to 150 employees.

I will be managing energy efficiency projects for their bigger clients and interfacing with utilities to obtain rebates and incentives.

I wanted to thank you all for the role you played in helping me get this position through your amazing teachings and dedication. I will keep in touch and let you know how it goes. I will start on the 22nd of July.”

Graduated in June 2019- “On a side note, I wanted to let you know I was offered a Project Engineer/ Manager position at Syserco, an energy management company I met at the AFE "Day with a Facility Manager" networking event you arranged for us. I will be starting with them in a little less than 2 weeks! Don't worry I will still be completing the degree and graduating in June!”

Graduated in June 2019- "I have some pretty big news to share- I've received a job offer! JLL has offered me a facilities coordinator position for their Google account in San Francisco. I'll start on September 9. A big part of my job is monitoring and responding to tickets on GUTS (Google’s Unified Ticketing System), which could be a wide variety of things in multiple departments. 

In addition, my manager told me one of the reasons they really wanted to hire me is because of my sustainability background in the FSBM program at De Anza. They currently don’t have anyone within facilities at Google SF who focuses on sustainability. In the future I will be able to work on and lead energy and sustainability projects for the Google offices in San Francisco.

I wanted to thank you for providing me with a strong facilities management foundation to build off of. I’m looking forward to growing within the field as I gain invaluable experience at a great company like JLL.

I’m very excited about this opportunity and will definitely update you on my experience."

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De Anza's associate degree in Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) features an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on making buildings more efficient, sustainable, safe and cost effective. Our program covers ALL of IFMA's "11 Core Competencies" - the skills and traits required of successful Facility Management and Building professionals. Our curriculum includes courses on energy efficient and sustainable buildings, building automation systems, environmental health and safety, business and building operations, program and project management, finance, workplace communication and ethics, and real estate principles.

Work-based learning and interpersonal skill development are also key components of our program. Courses from De Anza's Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Real Estate, Environmental Resource Management/Pollution Prevention and Energy Management/ Building Science programs provide students with a well-rounded educational experience that fully prepares them for well paid careers in Facility and Sustainable Building Management.

The De Anza College FSBM Curriculum is CLOSELY ALIGNED with the topic areas addressed in Facility Management Professional credential programs.

What Does A Facility Manager Do?

A lot of different things! It may have one of the most broadly defined job descriptions of any career path. FMs never have a dull moment! It's a very cross-functional job that gets involved in managing all aspects of facility and building / business operations.

"A facility manager is a building maintenance specialist and property administrator who conducts building operations and maintenance activities, coordinates facility programs and projects, and supervises building personnel – by inspecting the facility, analyzing building data, forecasting future needs, solving problems and communicating with others – to ensure the efficient and sustainable operations of the facility and the satisfaction of the occupants."

Facility Management is a career that encompasses an understanding of the built environment, sustainable buildings and business operations functions. Learn why Facility Management is a great career of choice. De Anza's Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) AS Degree can help prepare you for this well paid career.

We're Fully Accredited, Affordable, and Provide Schedule Flexibility

Fully Accredited: De Anza's Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) Degree and Program were fully accredited by the California Community College Chancellor's office and the State of California in September 2017. We're the first and only Associate Degree Program in Facility Management with a focus on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings.

We offer a broad range of interdisciplinary courses addressing every one of the International Facility Management Association's (IFMA) 11 Core Competencies- the crucial requirements and skill sets needed to be a successful facility or building management professional. We take you where other programs can't go- they don't have the same breadth and depth of classes in multiple facility management related disciplines.

Affordability: As a Community College program, our courses and Degree are very affordable. Our classes are offered at only $31 per class unit for residents of California. Many of our students complete our program within 12-15 months. If you decide you can't attend or take classes in any one quarter, cancel the class before the deadline, get your money back, and try again in another quarter. NO PROBLEM! We offer classes year round including the Summer Session to help keep you on track.

Schedule Flexibility: If you don't want to fight Bay Area traffic, don't want to attend an evening class after a long and busy day at work, or just can't fit an on campus class into your busy lifestyle, we offer every one of our required classes online at least once each Academic Year. We provide full flexibility to take classes at your own pace. In addition to our Online Education offerings, we offer many classes on campus year round at various times of the day. Our Certificates of Achievement and AS Degree can be earned 100% online if you're outside De Anza's geographic service area. We have many students taking our classes and pursuing online Certificates and Degrees throughout California, from other States in the US, and even a few other countries.


Facility Management: A Growing Industry in Search of New Talent

In the next 15 Years, 50 percent of all existing Facility and Building Management professionals will retire. The average age of a practicing FM is roughly 49 years old. In California, there's a demand for roughly 6,000 qualified FM Professionals.

As a result,the Facility Management Industry approached the Foundation for California Community Colleges to address their FM labor shortage.

De Anza College played a pivotal leadership role for other California Community Colleges by becoming the first College to participate in and complete an IFMA Global Workforce Initiative Essentials of Facility Management pilot program and the first Community College in California to offer a two year AS Degree in Facility Management in Sept 2017.

We not only prepare you in the classroom, we help assist you in developing and finding networking and internship opportunities. Many of our graduates have found WELL PAID Facility Management Careers within THREE MONTHS of graduation.

Check out the list of our program graduates we helped find living wage careers over the past 3 years!

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