I decided to pursue a second Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering because since I was a kid I enjoyed building things. I have always wanted to learn how buildings, roads, and bridges are constructed. I graduated from San Jose State University with Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and double minor in Human Rights and Women Studies in May 2015; however, after graduating my curiosity for Civil Engineering increased as I learned more about the field. I decided to go back to school and pursue a second bachelors in the field that has always interested me. I took Introduction to Engineering during the Summer 2016 quarter at De Anza College. This class has reassured me that I want to become a Civil Engineer. Using my imagination and skills to create new things is something that I find challenging, rewarding, and fascinating. Pursuing a career in the field that has always interested me has been the best decision I have made.

- Vanessa Aspera, Portable Solar AC Team, Summer 2016

Everybody starts somewhere.

Reasons people might be intimidated: don't think they have enough prior knowledge about engineering, not good at math, don't think they're creative.

De Anza engineering classes start from the basics of engineering to help students build the confidence to want to become engineers through the proper skills needed.

De Anza classes are filled with students that have a variety of skill levels. The classes are paced adequately to allow students to learn at their own speed.

Engineering classes are small in size, giving students individual attention from professors.

Join the De Anza engineering family!

- YAA Bike Team, Summer 2016
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