Lab Protocols

Standard Operating Procedures and Policies:

  • EQUIPMENT LOAN & RETURN AGREEMENT: Each team member must need to initial and sign off during the check out and check in procedure.
  • LOCKER: Lockers are assigned to students with a combination lock number at the beginning of the quarter for storing the equipment and parts listed in the Equipmment Loan & Return Agreement.   Unlock the locker with functional and good condition at the time upon returning the equipment/parts at the end of the quarter (during the class week before the exam week).
  • TEAM RESPONSIBILITY: If the equipment/locker is shared by multiple students, the entire team is responsible for any equipment/locker issued to the team.
  • STORAGE: Store only the engineering equipment/parts loaned as itemized on the Equipmment Loan & Return Agreement.
  • CHECKOUT PROCEDURE AND PENALTIES: Students must follow the terms in the Checkout Procedure and Penalties sections listed on the Equipmment Loan & Return Agreement.


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