Resources for Being Prepared

Plan Ahead

  • Plan ahead for what you will need during the first hours after a major emergency, when outside assistances may not be available.
  • Review the steps for dealing with different types of emergencies in this Emergency Procedures document.
  • Find additional tips on preparing for a variety of emergencies at

Fire or Hazardous Spill – Emergency Contacts and Procedures 

In case of a fire, spill or other emergency involving hazardous chemicals or wastes, do the following: 

Major Emergency 

  1. Evacuate the affected areas per the Facility Evacuation Plan
  2. Call 408-924-8000 or 911 and report the emergency
  3. Report the emergency to the Facility Emergency Coordinators

Minor Emergency 

  1. Try to control the emergency if you are trained to do so and can do it safely
  2. Report the emergency to the Facility Emergency Coordinator(s).

Emergency Coordinators and Contacts

Order of Contact Name Work Phone 24-Hour Phone
Primary Campus Police 408-864-5555 408-924-8000
First Alternate Todd Nelson 408-864-5437 408-375-0102
Second Alternate – only for emergency health and safety or hazardous materials Karen Lauricella 650-949-6146 650-222-9241

Additional Contacts

  • Ambulance, Fire, Police – call 911
  • Emergency Services – Governor's Office: 800-852-7550
  • Hazardous Materials Compliance, Santa Clara County: 408-918-3400
  • Storm Drain, Sewer or Sink Discharge: 
    1. Stop, Contain and Clean Up the discharge
    2. Then call 408-635-4000 and 408-793-5300
    3. After that, call Emergency Health and Safety at 650-222-9241

(The information above is also posted on the Foothill-De Anza District Facilities website, revised fall 2021.)

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