Meeting Prerequisites

You may not have to take a prerequisite or corequisite class at De Anza if you can satisfy certain criteria for "clearing" the requirement. You'll find a list of those criteria below.

Some definitions 




Previous background or course completions required for entry into another course.


A course that may be completed prior to enrolling in a course or taken concurrently.


A recommended but not required course that will help you be successful in a class.

Criteria for Clearance 

College Course (only US coursework)

Submit unofficial transcripts to along with a completed prerequisite clearance form. Forms and unofficial transcripts may also be submitted to the Admissions and Records front desk.

AP Scores

Submit unofficial AP scores of 3 or higher to along with a completed prerequisite clearance form.

Assessment/Placement Exam

Please visit the Assessment Center for more information.

College Course (Outside the US)

Speak to respective academic division Division and Department Directory 

How Long Does it Take?

Prerequisite clearance requests can take up to 10 business days to process.

Prerequisite Clearance Form

Complete this form and send it to:


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