This message was sent via email to Foothill-De Anza district employees by Chancellor Judy Miner

 July 16, 2022

Current Plans for Fall 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Graduation came and went like a flash, and it was wonderful to see so many of you celebrating our students’ accomplishments.  Thank you for all you did to make their dreams a reality!

Fall 2022 is fast approaching and is an important quarter for bringing more students back to campus.  I’d like to provide some information about our expectations for an increased on-campus presence. 

Our plan is to continue to increase on-site presence as we move through the next academic year.  The exact implementation details will be determined in consultation with managers and supervisors, based on the nature of each position and operational impacts to departments and offices.  For the preponderance of positions that can accommodate some portion of remote work as authorized by your manager, the expectation is a majority of an employee’s time will be spent on-campus as we look to increase the vibrancy on campus for students, employees, and the larger community in Fall 2022.  Please note, this does not apply to those positions where the duties must be performed in person, e.g., police, maintenance, custodians, on-site support technicians, et al.  College Presidents and Vice Chancellors will provide additional clarity and discretion with respect to specific operational needs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires an interactive dialogue and meeting with the employee, Human Resources, and the supervisor to determine what specific and reasonable accommodation is needed by the employee and if it can be done without an undue economic hardship on the District/College.  If you are seeking a medical accommodation to work 100% remotely, please contact Human Resources for detailed information on the documentation and processes required for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act; a doctor’s note stating that you are not able to physically work on site will not be sufficient.

Opening day activities for the district will be held on September 21 and for the colleges on September 22 and 23.  The activities for all three days will be fully in person.  At this time, we do not anticipate a remote option, but will continue to monitor public health guidance and adjust if necessary.  After almost two and a half years of dealing with pandemic restrictions, we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to rebuild our connections and make new ones! 

The masking requirement will be reviewed after August 5.  I will invite members of the Consultation Task Force (union and senate leadership of faculty and classified professionals; student body presidents, and senior administrators) to offer their perspectives on Santa Clara County trends and guidelines at that time.

Wishing you a healthy and happy summer, 

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