Our Associate of Arts Degree prepares students to become Medical Laboratory Technicians and valuable members of the Health Care Team! Starting salaries $30-35 per hour!

What is an MLT?

  • Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT's) are a mid-level Associates Degree laboratory professional
  • Trained to perform waived and moderately complex tests in the clinical laboratory

Where will an MLT find employment?

  • Any facility participating in clinical laboratory testing: Hospital laboratories, Physician office laboratories, Reference laboratories, Veterinarian laboratories
  • Research/biotech
  • Sales/technical service

MLT Program Admission Process:

  • Admission to De Anza College is made in accordance with criteria detailed in the De Anza College catalog.
  • De Anza college is an open-access community college. All students who meet all the minimum program requirements are accepted into the program on a first come first serve basis as space is available.  Applications are put in order of received date.  As space becomes available the applicant will be contacted by email (email provided on the application).
  • New students are accepted to the program Fall, and Winter quarters only.  The number accepted depends on the number of continuing students and sites available for externship training.
  • Applying using the application process does not guarantee admission to the MLT program for the following quarter.
  • Being admitted to DeAnza College does not imply admission to the MLT program.
  • When the number of MLT applicants exceeds the space available, students are accepted into the  program on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not accepted for the quarter in which you apply, you must reapply for the next available quarter.  Applications are no longer held on waitlist; applicants must reapply each round.

De Anza's MLT Program is partially funded by local hospitals that need laboratory workers.

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