Reports by Topic and Year

Certificates and Degrees Awarded

  • Annual report of certificates and degrees awarded by program
  • Disaggregated by ethnicity

Course and Program Level Reports

  • Reports requested by departments or programs
  • Course completion rates

Employee Characteristics

  • Employee demographics by gender and age

Enrollment Trends[BROKEN LINK]

  • Quarterly census enrollment comparisons
  • Quarterly cancelled course report

Learning Communities and Special Populations

  • Enrollment and outcomes for learning communities
  • Special populations including EOPS, Foster Youth, Veterans 

Placement, Assessment, AB 705 and Basic Skills

  • Reports tracking AB 705 implementation
  • Historical assessment and placement data
  • Historical reports on basic skills courses

Student Demographics and Characteristics

  • Reports disaggregated by ethnicity, LGBTQ+
  • Reports on declared major and financial aid types and amount


  • Basic needs survey 
  • Course modality preferences
  • Career Technical Outcomes Survey (CTEOS)


  • Annual UC, CSU, independent and out of state transfers

Reports for External Entities

  • State and federal reporting requirements


Institutional Research and Planning

Mallory Newell 


Lisa Ly

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