General Meeting Information

Date: November 10, 2022
Time: 3-4

  • Agenda

    Review notes from October 13, 2022 meeting
    Updates on writing team leads:

    Progress and report outs from each Standards area

    • College Planning Committee
    • IPBT
    • SSPBT
    • APBT
    • Technology Committee
    • Library and Learning Resources
    • Academic Senate
    • Classified Senate
    • Governing Board and Multi-College Districts

    Next steps for the implementation of the Educational Master Plan, 2022-27

  • Minutes


    Newell shared that all Standards now have an assigned writing team lead, which have been updated on the ISER webpage:

    Committee members who represent a shared governance group provided updates on accreditation discussions within their respective groups. It is encouraged that each committee has a standing item and check in on accreditation throughout this academic year.

    Newell shared that Spatafore, Hearn and she had a wrap up meeting on the implementation of the Educational Master Plan (EMP) -- which the CPC is charged with implementing over the next five years. It was discussed that it is necessary that we begin to implement our Educational Master Plan but we recognize it will be challenging to implement simultaneously with accreditation. Two options for beginning work on implementing the plan were shared with the Committee:

    Option 1: College Planning Committee forms working groups – The committee structure already exists – but this would be challenging during the accreditation cycle AND would require the CPC to take on a much larger working role with the focus on getting work done rather than review and consent as it has largely been in the past

    Option 2: The Strategic Planning Core group convene an informal, temporary, working group with expertise in areas outlined in the EMP such as Outreach, Civic Engagement, Retention and Student-Centered Instruction and Services.

    The Committee felt Option 2 would be the best choice, being led by content area experts. It is envisioned that the temporary work group convene in the spring and work into the following year -- once we have had a chance to focus our attention on the ISER fall and winter. The temporary work group will be charged with developing initial action plans for the implementation of the EMP by 2027 – and would report regularly to the CPC.

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