Classified Senate - Together we can make a differece

Who We Are

The Classified Senate consists of 13 Senators representing physical areas of campus, an Executive Council which functions as the administration of the senate, Chairs of the Professional Development and Employee of the Month committees,  and representatives from DASB, the Academic Senate and the collective barganing units.

What We Do

The Classified Senate represents all classified professional members who work on the De Anza campus; are permanent or probationary employees of the District and are not confidential, supervisory or management.

We Do This Through


Representing Classified Professionals in the Shared Governance Process


Recognizing Excellence in Classified Professionals


Developing Classified Professional's Skills through Learning Opportunites


Supporting Students and Classified Staff through Advocacy and Donations

Documents and Forms

It shall be the function of the Classified Senate to participate in the governance of De Anza College, to provide a centralized means of communication among Classified Professionals and with the rest of the college community, become thoroughly acquainted with the Constitution and Bylaws of this organization so as to be able to explain and interpret to their sections, carry out the purpose to actively promote professionalism with the Classified Senate, and to enhance staff development.

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