COURSE DESCRIPTION: Business and its functions in an economic and social system. Emphasis on understanding relationships among business, government, and consumer.

 ADVISORY: English Writing 100B and Reading 100 (or Language Arts 100), or English as a Second Language 172 and 173. Course homework and extra credit is done on the internet. Student needs computer access and skill as well as knowledge of e-mail, word, and other computer functions.

REQUIRED TEXT: Nickels, McHugh & McHugh UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS  Ninth Edition, McGraw Hill.

 EXPECTED OUTCOME:  In this survey course the student will become conversant with Global Business, Business Ownership and Management; as well as Management of Human Resources, Customer Oriented Marketing, Information Systems and Management of Financial Resources.


Wk#1 Prolog and chapt 1 getting ready

Wk#2 Chapt 2 econ and & chapt #3 global mkts 

Wk#3  Chapt 4 ethics & Chapt A law

Wk#4  Chapt 5 ownership forms Chapt 6, start a business

Wk#5  Chapt 7 and Chapt 8  

Wk#6  Midterm (0-8 + A ) chapt 9 operations

Wk#7  Chapt 10 motiv ; chapt 11 human relations chapt 12 unions

Wk#8  chapt 13 and chapt 14 developing products 

Wk#9  Chapt 15 distribution 16 promotion

Wk#10  Chapt 17,18 finance..

Wk#11 Chapt 19 and 20

Wk#12 Final Exam

SCHEDULE DETAILS: My website will have details of WEEKLY assignments.  Homework assignments will be submitted by e-mail ONLY to 

METHODS  OF EVALUATING THE OUTCOME: A combination of required weekly quizzes, required homework assignments, and one midterm and one comprehensive final exam on course material. Questions require essay type answers. Grades for the class will be approximately 50% based on midterm and final, and 50% based on required weekly quiz scores and required weekly homework which is assigned to be submitted by e-mail.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance will be recorded at each class session and is mandatory. More than two unexcused absences may be grounds for drop from the class. Material given in class will become part of the weekly quiz material. It is the student’s responsibility to enroll and, if necessary, to drop this course by contracting the registrar’s office

 OFFICE HOURS: LOCATION: Campus Ctr DAY: M/W TIME: 1730-1830. As a general rule, I will also stay after class to answer questions, or I will make appointments, or I may be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxxx, or by mail at:



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