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Many forms related to business services, human resources and purchasing are now available on the college Fiscal Services SharePoint site.

You can also scroll down this page for an alphabetical list of forms that may not be available on the SharePoint site.

In the list below, the form location link will direct you to the program or department that is responsible for maintaining the form. If there is a form that you would like added to the list, send an email to with the form title and the URL to its page location.

Additional forms may be found on the following websites, if they're not listed on this page.

Most student forms can be found on MyPortal – open the Adobe Sign Student Forms app – or on the following webpages

Alphabetical List of Frequently Used Forms

Form Title Form Location
ACE Professional Growth Award (PGA) Application SharePoint site
ACE Travel and Conference Application Professional Development
Additional Pay (Instructions and Form) SharePoint site
Administrative and Peer Evaluation Forms (Faculty Evaluations) Faculty Association
Agreement for Services SharePoint site
Change to AFS SharePoint site
Board Submittal Sheet SharePoint site
Budget Transfer SharePoint site
Communications Project Request (web, print or communications services) Office of Communications
Communications Event Publicity (submit for calendar and newsletter) Office of Communications
Contract Agreement Submission Flow Chart SharePoint site
Contract Change Form SharePoint site
Contract Employee Assignment Change SharePoint site
Contract Routing Sheet SharePoint site
Course Audit Request (MyPortal > Apps > Adobe Sign Faculty Forms) MyPortal 
CSEA Professional Growth Award (PGA) Application SharePoint site
De Anza Special Projects Contract (Faculty) (MyPortal > Apps > Adobe Sign Faculty Forms) MyPortal
Design Professional Agreement SharePoint site
Direct Deposit (MyPortal > Apps > Payroll)  MyPortal
Direct Pay Request  SharePoint site
Equivalency Form SharePoint site
Expense Transfer  SharePoint site
FA Faculty Travel and Conference Application  Professional Development 
Faculty Leave Report (MyPortal > App)  MyPortal 
Foundation Direct Pay Request SharePoint site
FT Faculty Release/Reassign Time  SharePoint site
Grant Preliminary Evaluation Form  SharePoint site
Grant Routing Sheet SharePoint site
Incomplete Grade Contract Form (MyPortal > Apps > Adobe Sign Faculty Forms) MyPortal
Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)  SharePoint site
Change to ICA SharePoint site
Independent Contractor Transportation Services  SharePoint site
Instructor Grade Change Request (MyPortal > Apps > Adobe Sign Faculty Forms) MyPortal
International Travel Authorization Form  SharePoint site
J1 Administrative and Peer Evaluation Form Faculty Association
Labor Redistribution  SharePoint site
Limited Engagement Agreement (LEA) SharePoint site
Medical Certification  Human Resources 
Mileage Form  SharePoint site
Out-of-State Travel Authorization Form Professional Development 
Payment Authorization SharePoint site
Petty Cash Voucher  Cashier's Office
Preliminary Evaluation Grant Approval Form  SharePoint site
Public Works, Repairs and Maintenance Agreement (UPCCAA) SharePoint site
Change to UPCCAA SharePoint site
Reassigned/Release Time Authorization Form SharePoint site
Re-Enrollment Permission Form (MyPortal > Apps > Adobe Sign Faculty Forms) MyPortal
Referee Services Agreement for Associations (RSAA) SharePoint site
Staff Development Leave Application SharePoint site
Surplus Equipment Disposal (electronic and non-electronic)  Purchasing 
Teamsters Education, Travel and Conference Instructions  Professional Development 
Teamsters Professional Growth Award (PGA) Application SharePoint site
Travel Advance SharePoint site
Trip Voucher (not for Staff Revitalization Conference Funds)  SharePoint site
Vendor Invoice Template SharePoint site
W-2 (MyPortal > Apps > Payroll)  MyPortal 
W-9  SharePoint site
Working Out of Classification (WOC) Form SharePoint site
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